FTS AirJet® XE Precision Sıcaklık Devir Daim Sistemi

FTS AirJet® XE Precision Sıcaklık Devir Daim Sistemi

The AirJet XE is the only benchtop temperature cycling system available that exceeds the mil-spec temperature range (actual range is -75°C to +225°C). AirJet XE is economical, compact and self-contained, requiring only standard 120volt power and minimal compressed air.The AirJet is an excellent tool for the R&D lab, where space and facilities tend to be limited but robust temperature testing is increasingly important.

AirJet™ XE
Benchtop Temperature Cycling System

Specification Sheet

Temperature Forcing Brochure

Robust Temperature Testing at your Bench: AirJet is the only forced air system available that exceeds full mil-spec temperature range in a benchtop platform (actual range -75ºC to +225ºC).
120 Volt Operation: AirJet XE offers the convenience of operating on widely available 120 volt circuits. No LN2 required.
Compact Size: AirJet fits at your bench and is small enough to be rack mounted.  Convenient casters and an optional cart allow you to transport AirJet with ease.
Faster Testing: AirJet XE offers temperature transition speeds unmatched by other benchtop units, allowing users to reach target temperatures faster (-55°C to +125°C in <10 seconds;  +125°C to –55°C in <20 seconds.
AirJet XE with mobile integrator AirJet XE benchtop configuration

Quiet: Ultra-quiet operation won’t disturb your lab environment.

Economical: AirJet XE delivers performance normally found only in much more expensive systems.

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Other Features


DUT temperature control

GPIB and RS485 remote interfaces

CE, TUV and SEMI compliant

Programmable ramp/soak function



  Device characterization of components, multichip modules, or circuit boards
Research and Development
Failure analysis
Compliance verification
Thermal shock and stress testing

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