Fluidized Kum Banyoları

Fluidized Kum Banyoları

Fast heat-ups and accurate temperature control to 600°C
Safer operation than oil baths

Dry, inert, nontoxic aluminum oxide ensures hazard-free operation


Use these fluidized sand baths for your heat treating processes, temperature sensor calibrations, electrical component testing, and more. Baths use aluminum oxide (Al2O3) fluidized by low-pressure air as a dry bath medium with excellent heat transfer properties.
Safe to use�aluminum oxide is nonflammable and will not corrode your sample vessels or produce toxic fumes. Vessels of all shapes can be easily immersed and safely removed from the bath, without the hazard and mess of hot oils.

Make temperature adjustments via a control knob and reference dial. Achieve bath control and temperature stability of 0.3°C (1°C for 01184-50) under stable conditions. For repeatability and temperature stability to ±0.2°C, use temperature controllers 01190-52 or -72 (at right).
These baths require a dry air flow of approximately 3 cu ft/minute at about 3 psi pressure; order an air pump separately at right. If your laboratory is already equipped with an air line, it must first be fitted with a filter and pressure regulator; order separately below. All baths (except 01185-00) have a sheath that provides access for a thermocouple from a controller and an overspill flange.

Temp range 50 to 600°C
Uniformity ±0.3 (±0.5°F)
Heater 2 x 750 W
Al2O3 included 20 lbs
Working area 5.5"H x 7.00"dia
Dimensions 18"H x 13"dia
Power VAC 240
Hz 50/60


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