Fischer & Porter ABB Sanitary Manyetik Flowmetreler

Fischer & Porter ABB Sanitary Manyetik Flowmetreler

Specifically designed for food, beverage and other high-purity applications
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Microprocessor-based with pulsed DC excitation to provide long-term accuracy and zero-point stability
Converter is easily configurable with integral push buttons or through magnetic coupling
The remote-mount converter is easily integrated into any process up to a 415 ft distance from the meter



These flowmeters offer outstanding accuracy, a no-moving-part design and minimal pressure loss. In addition, the materials of construction have been selected to withstand the caustic washdowns and high-temperature CIP processes that are required in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Not only are these meters suited for measuring single-phase liquids, they are also suited to measuring process slurries as well.

Users familiar with this magnetic technology will recognize the low conductivity requirement of the meter, an indication of the high quality of the electronic design for dealing with weaker fields and higher levels of electronic noise. This meter uses the pulsed DC method of magnetic field generation, which has several advantages over the traditional AC method. The primary advantage for pulsed DC is the zero stability and the reduction of zero shift. Pulsed DC also consumes less power and is more accurate across the flow range. It is capable of measuring 100% of a change in flow in less than one second.

Combined with digital signal processing, this technology is can measure from an empty pipe condition to a given flow rate in approximately one second. Programming of the converter is easily done through integral pushbuttons. For re-programming of the unit while in the field, a magnetic wand may be used so that the converter cover does not have to be opened. A primary benefit of this design is its ability to record flow rates/totals for forward and reverse flow. Users may also select units displayed, languages, fluid parameters such as density along with various alarm settings.

To better understand the full capabilities of this meter, contact an Application Specialist to discuss the use of this device for a specific application. You should also contact an Application Specialist to discuss how the following options can be incorporated into this design:

- Wafer-style body
- PTFE liner
- RS-232/RS-485 communications
- Scaled pulse outputs for forward and reverse flow
- HART Communications protocol
- 24 VDC power

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