EBERBACH Elektro-Analizörü 1000

EBERBACH Elektro-Analizörü 1000


Electro-Analyzer 1000

Eberbach’s Electro-Analyzer 1000 apparatus is the laboratory standard for determinations of lead, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony, cadmium and other metals by the electro-deposition process.

Unit has a finished steel case (30” high) with stainless steel front surface and occupies a table space of 15” x 17”. The front panel protects the apparatus from corrosive spillage and fumes. No electrically corrodible components are positioned where material may fall into the cell and alter results.

The unit delivers up to 10 volts, 10 amperes DC at each of two positions for simultaneous determinations. Separate ammeters (0-10A) and center-zero voltmeters (10-0-10V) indicate amount and direction of current flow at each position. Polarity reversing switches change the polarity of the electrodes. Current to each position is supplied by individual power transistors controlled by potentiometers. In line fuses protect AC and DC circuits.

Stirrers are driven at a constant speed of 620 rpm by a split-phase induction motor. Hollow spindles permit easy vertical adjustment of the glass stirring rods. Power to each stirrer and entire unit is controlled by individual switches with pilot lamps.

Heavy-duty platinum electrodes (45 mesh) are recommended for this unit. However, lighter weight electrodes may be used. Spring loaded electrode holders grip the electrodes without deforming the stem and may be moved horizontally for centering nested electrodes. For rotating anode techniques a stainless steel rotating anode holder may be substituted for glass stirring rod.

DC Output Characteristics

• Two position DC output
• 0-10V, 0-10A at each position
• Polarity reversible

Integral Stirrer

• 620 rpm fixed
• Adaptable for use with rotating anode

Power Requirements

• 115/230V, 50/60Hz
• 550 Watts

Size and Weight

• Height: 29.5 in (75 cm)
• Width: 15.25 in (38.7 cm)
• Depth: 16.5 in (42 cm)
• Weight: 78 lbs (35.5 kgs)

Eberbach Labtools 1000 Electro-Analysis Apparatus

Order No. 1000
• Electro-Analysis Apparatus
• 3 wire UL listed power cord
• Use & care manual with technical description and electrical diagram


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