EAST AND WEST XF-8100 Wave Dispersive X-Ray Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı

EAST AND WEST XF-8100 Wave Dispersive X-Ray Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı


XF-8100 Wave Dispersive X-Ray Flourescence Spectrometer is a medium-sized, cost-effective high performance instrument.With fixed channels, the instrument has reduced measurement time. The channels are especially suitable for low flourescent yields for light elements and trace elements, thereby increasing the accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument. Powerful, easy-to-use software capable of constantly adapting to users' needs is provided for automated instrument and thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis. Lastly, XF-8100 does not require an external cooling system.

XF-8100 can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as quality control for cement, steel, building materials, petrochemicals, and other materials. It is utilized in the fields of scientific research, environnmental protection, and many industrial fields.

Main Features

· Automated analysis for less time and effort

XF-8100 is suitable for trace analysis of a variety of samples, such as raw or research materials. It takes only 3 minutes for the instrument to complete a quantitative analysis ten different elements in the sample. This is mainly due to XF-8100's high stability from automation.

· Production Quality Control

Provides fast analytical results from data processing needed for quality control (especially for ladle analysis). Analysis results and feedback can be used to further improve the quality of production.

· Cement Production

XF-8100 is the ideal quality control monitoring instrument for cement factories (single or double kiln) of all sizes. It can analyze all types of raw materials, such as limestone, sand, bauxite, magnesite and other materials used, needed for producing cement. The instrument can also accurately monitor the concentration of CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, SO3, K2O, Na2O, and Cl in cement as well.

Technical Specifications

Elements: Na11 - U92

Spectrometric System: Wavelength Dispersion

X-Ray Tube: End window tube Rh target

High Voltage Generator: High-Frequency Inverter

Cooling System: (built-in)

Sample Size: 40 mm x 10 mm (H)

Sample Surface: 35 mm

Sample Rotation: 30 rpm

Vacuum System: Dual vacuum chambers (dual vacuum pumps), sample powdering (optional)

Constant Temperature: 35 °C

Hardware: PC with Windows Operating System

Software: Qualitative Analyzer (automatically identifies and corrects analytical functions (smoothing, background))

Quantitative Analysis: Matrix correction, templates, standard analysis

Maintenance: automate, remote diagnostics 


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