EAST AND WEST XF-8000 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı

EAST AND WEST XF-8000 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı


XD-8000 Energy Dispersive X-ray Flourescence Spectrometer can simultaneously quickly analyze multiple elements. Operators can choose elements from Na to U to be analyzed according to their own needs. This instrument can be used in environmental work, archaeology, and quality control for building materials. It can be used for following the RoHS Directive, making the XD-8000 the ideal instrument for quality control. 



Main Features

1.Filter System

A total of 6 different filters can be automatically selected. Filters are used to modify the shape of the source spectrum. For analyzing multiple elements at once, they absorb high-energy X-rays to improve measurement accuracy of the tested element.

2.Radiation Protection System

a) New design of the low radiation X-ray tube (special treatment starting from the source).

b) Fully enclosing, double-layered anti-radiation lead plates (encompassing the structure).

c) Automatic lead-plated shielding system for filters

d) Sample covering system to prevent any accidents and disconnections.

e) Delayed testing and X-ray warning system.

3. Meets RoHS Directive detection limit of harmful elements, such as Cd, Pb, CR, Hg, and Br.o(Limit of Detection: 1 ppm)  

4. Powerful analysis workstation

a) An intuitive software interface that non-expert operators can use with ease.

b) User-friendly panel instrument interface.

c) Various preset testing parameters settings with a powerful custom editing program for reports.

d) Testing data is automatically stored for future reference.

e) Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis methods.

f) Can analyze multiple elements simultaneously.

g) Fast element analysis; analysis time is adjustable between 30 to 900 seconds.

h) Long standby times do not affect the automatically adjusting pipe pressure and flow, which extends the lifespan of the X-ray tube.

i) Temperature control for X-ray tube for greater protection

j) Real-time monitoring of the instrument's operating status for easy maintenance.

l) To prevent the test sampling cover from opening, the software will display warnings and shut down the high voltage power supply.


Technical Specifications

Elements: Na11 - U92

Detection Limit: 1 ppm (mg/kg)

Sample Shape: Any irregular shape

Sample Type: Plastic, metal, film, powder, liquid

X-Ray Tube Molybdenum Target; Voltage: 5 - 50 kv; Current: 1000 m

Sample Diameter: 2, 5, 8 mm

Filters: 6 types automatically selected and changed

Sample Observation Camera: 8 million pixels

PC: Windows Operating System XP

Analysis:  theoretical alpha coefficient method, the fundamental parameter method, the empirical coefficient method





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