EAST AND WEST UV-6110 Portatif UV-Visible Spektrofotometre

EAST AND WEST UV-6110 Portatif UV-Visible Spektrofotometre 


UV-6110 Portable Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer is a simple, easy to use and general-purpose UV/Vis Spectrophotometer. The instrument uses a long lasting pulsed xenon light source (10,000 hours or more). Optional 1 - 3 cm cuvettes can be included. UV-6110 uses a monochromatic beam, diffraction grating, and a 1024-Element Photo Diode Array (PDA). Because of the unique detector design, without grating, it only takes one second to for a full spectrum scan of the sample with a wavelength range of 200 - 760 nm.

UV-6110 can receive commands from a 2.8-inch TFT-LCD touch screen or through a USB-connected PC. With specialized software, the instrument can process wavelengths, absorbance, and concentrations of the sample. Even dual or multiple wavelenghts can be analyzed. The software also includes automated operations and other features.

The portability and ease of use of this instrument makes it an excellent choice for monitoring health, chemical industries, and environmental monitoring.

Main Features

· Pulse xenon light source requires no preheating to function

· Uses a beam splitter, C-T diffraction grating monochromator, 1024-Element PDA.

· Sampling: Four colorimetric conduits.Optional 1 - 3 cm glass rectangle cuvettes, 1 cm quartz rectangule cuvette.

· Full wavelength scan to determine absorbance, light intensity, and reflectance in the visible range.

· Can record up to 20 spectras at a time as history.

· Linear regression functions for line-of-best-fit. Maximum of ten data points needed for regression; can quickly calculate the standard curve.

· Displays measurements; can display up to ten different calibrated wavelength curves. By analyzing absorbance and transmittance of samples, the instrument can determine the concentration of the sample.

· Various functions and tools to scan the UV and visible light spectrum.

· USB interface to connect to any PC.

· Optional advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, including software for analyzing scans of longer periods, wavelength scanning, determining peaks and troughs, dual wavelength, correcting curves 1 - 3 times, linear regression, calculating first order spectras, access to spectral databases, and comparing results from several features.

Technical Specifications

1. Optical System: CT monochromator diffraction grating, 1024-Element PDA detector
2. Wavelength Range: 200 nm - 760 nm
3. Light Source: Pulsed xenon lamp
4. LCD Display: 2.8 inch 320 × 240 Color touch Screen.
5. Wavelength Error: ± 2 nm
6. Wavelength Reproductibility: ≤ 1.0 nm
7. Transmittance Error: ± 2.0 % (t)
8. Transmittance Repeatability: 0.5 % (t)
9. Spectral Bandwidth: 2 ± 0.4 nm
10 Stray Light: 0.5% (t) (220 nm, NaI; 440 nm, NaNO2)
11. Drift: ≤ 1.0% (t)
12. Noise: ≤ 0.5% (t)
13. Displays:

Wavelength Range: 200 nm - 760 nm
Absorbance: -8.000 - 8.000
Transmittance: -800 - 800
Light Energy: 0 - 1040

14. Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery (11.1 V, 5000 mAh), 8 hour lifespan, 220V charger, optional car adapter to convert to 220 V.
15 Dimensions (mm): 320 × 230 × 145
16, Weight: Net Weight : 6.0 kg; Gross Weight : 6.5 kg

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