EAST AND WEST LC-5510 Yüksek Performans Sıvı Kromatografi Cihazı

EAST AND WEST LC-5510 Yüksek Performans Sıvı Kromatografİ Cihazı



Main Features


Modular Design

Sleek and novel design, with good sensitivity and stability for ideal separations.

PC-controlled LC

High performance variable wavelength UV detector

A new optical design for our concave holographic grating for high stability;

Mercury lamp for more accurate calibrations of wavelengths;

Multi-wavelength time programming to accurately select the best detection wavelength;

High Precision Column Oven

Advanced control of low temperatures for low temperature separations of biological samples;

Precise temperature control for a stable retention time;

Temperature control display and over-heating alarms and automatic shut-down system for greater reliability and


High Pressure Pump

Dual piston high-pressure pump for an accurate and steady flow;

Imported wear, pressure, and corrision resistant gaskets for a longer lifespan;

Patented pulse dampers for the best results;

Software for greater control, dual pump gradient elution supported;

6 port valves

International standard 6 port valves for simpler operations, low noise, and high accuracy.

Technical Specifications

1) Variable Wavelength UV Detector

Deuterium/Tungsten Lamp

Wavelength Selection: 190 - 900 nm

Wavelength Bandwidth: 5 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: better than ± 1 nm

Wavelength Precision: better than ± 0.2 nm

Linear Range: 104

Noise: < 0.5 x 10-5 AU (empty cell)

< 1.0 x 10-5AU (with mobile phase)

Drift: < 1 x 10-4 AU (empty cell)

< 2.0 x 10-4AU (with mobile phase)

Minimum Detectable Concentration: ≤ 5.0 x 10-9g/mL (naphthalene)

Wavelength Scans: Multi-wavelength Time Programming (10 bands)

2) Column Oven

Temperature: cooling, 10°C - 80°C (room temperature 25°C)

Temperature Accuracy: 0.1 °C

Operated by chromatographic data processing workstation

Integrated design with injection valve and UV detector

3) High Pressure Pump

Flow Rate: 0.01 - 10.00 ml/min

Flow Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5%

Maximum Pump Pressure: 42 mPA

Binary pump capable of isocratic flow and gradient elution


Foods, liquids (including water), water quality products, cosmetics, biological materials, soil, animal feed, and other products that cannot be vaporized easily and can be quantitatively analyzed by HPLC. Other products that can be analyzed include diary products, dental products, agricultural products, both Chinese and Western medicine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate, peroxides, and others. 


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