EAST AND WEST GH-200 High Purity Hidrojen Jeneratörü

EAST AND WEST GH-200 High Purity Hidrojen Jeneratörü




This compact hydrogen generator provides a convenient, safe, and reliable source of hydrogen for chromatographs. Some hydrogen generators electrolyze water by dissolving sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in water to generate hydrogen. However, NaOH causes corrosion which, over time, can cause severe damage to instruments. Our design focuses on a better, safer way of generating hydrogen.

GH-200(G-101) high purity hydrogen generator uses an ion exchange membrane technique to electrolyze pure water. This method is exceptionally easy to use with high precision and reliability.

Main Features

  • The ion exchange membrane is imported from the US. The electrolytic cell is carefully crafted.
  • Automatic control of hydrogen gas pressure and flow for greater safety and reliability
  • Produces high purity hydrogen with no corrosion

Technical Specifications


Purity Of Hydrogen

Flow Rate

Pressure of Hydrogen

Power Requirements Dimensions
99.999% ≤300 ml/min 0-0.4 Mpa -110/220 V 100 W 400 x 450 x 220 mm
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