EAST AND WEST GC-MS 3110 Gaz Kromatografi Kütle Spektrometre Sistemi

EAST AND WEST GC-MS 3110 Gaz Kromatografi Kütle Spektrometre Sistemi



The GC-MS is one of the most widely utilized scientific instruments in the world. As such, its developmental prospects remains the best of all other instruments.Because of its versatility, GC-MS is used in nuclear power, life sciences, clinical pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, environmental monitoring, food safety, epidemic prevention, forensics, electronics, geology, and many other fields. For many of these fields, the GC-MS is an indispensible tool for detecting and measuring.

GC-MS 3110 is designed as a compact gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, promoting the development of GC-MS in China. It specializes especially in inspection and quarantine (customs and border protection), food safety, energy, agriculture and other specific applications. From national research institutions to private enterprises, GC-MS 3110 is a powerful and cost-effective instrument.

Technical Specifications

1. Mass Range: 1.5 - 800 amu

2. Mass Resolution: 1.5 - 2 M (FWHM)

3. Scan Speed: up to 6000 amu/sec (in 0.1 u steps)

4. Mass Accuracy: ± 0.2 u

5. Stability: 0.15 u/24 h

6. Sensitivity: 1 pg OFN (signal-to-noise > 30:1)

7. Instrument interface, capilliary column is directly connected with interface, helium carrier gas flow rate: ≤ 1 ml/min

8. Ion Source: EI. Independent heating system, 120 - 350 °C

9. Detector: Electron multiplier

10. Pump: 70 L/s turbomolecular vacuum pump, optional 240 L/s turbomolecular pump

11. Chromatograph: GC-4000A Series gas chromatograph with one detector and capilliary column injection system, direct capilliary interface, Transfer Line Temperature: 50 - 350 °C.

12. Data System: Computer data processing system for automatic control. Can be equipped with any type of PC and printer.

Main Features

1. Ion Source: dual filament, enclosed ionization system, small magnet and lens-focused ion optical system. Stable structure, easy-to-use, can replace filament without dismantling ion source. Stable ion flow guarantees good repeatability.

2. Mass Spectometer: 1) Preisely assembled quadrople mass spectometer 2) stable, high voltage, and high frequency circuits.

3. Ion detector: a high-speed detector capable of detecting extremely weak current by greatly amplifying signals without significantly increasing background noise. It, thereby, achieves a high signal-to-noise ratio and decreasing the instrument's detection limit, which is a significant problem in GC/MS analysis.

4. GC/MS Interface: through a thorough study of foreign instruments, our GC/MS interface structure design has been simplified while reducing the probability of any leaks.Columns can be easily and accurately installed and utilized. Additionally, detection sensitivity has been greatly improved through precise temperature control, reducing sample loss, adsorption, and catalytic decomposition.

5. Suspension System: The GC/MS uses international standard shock absorbers, a strengthened foundation, and an improved suspension structure of the quadrople mass spectrometer.The vehicle is fitted with work bench with two suspension designs to guarantee the instrument's stability and precisions. It is also equipped with an air source, power systems, an industrial PC with analysis software, printers, standard gas sources, and a variety of spare parts to ensure quick and accurate analysis reports. Thus, the GC-MS 3110 is well suited for on-site first-hand analysis. The interior of the vehicle is designed for the users' comfort with easy to reach compact equipment. GC-MS 3110 has already successfully passed tests for stability on highways and paved roads. Further tests on roads with poor conditions are currently being conducted.

6. Data Processing Software: 1) High-speed data acquisition 2) Software includes powerful real-time analysis and data processing workstations.

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