EAST AND WEST GC-4400 Portatif Fotoiyonize Gaz Kromotografi Cihazı

EAST AND WEST GC-4400 Portatif Fotoiyonize Gaz Kromotografi Cihazı


East & West Analytical Instruments, Inc. (EWAII) is proud to present the GC-4400 Portable Photoionization Gas Chromatograph, the first instrument of its kind in China !

The GC-4400 Portable Photoionization Gas Chromatograph uses the most advanced technologies from the fields of spectroscopy, vacuum technology, precision mechanics, software, electronics, and chromatography analysis.

This product uses a long lifespan vacuum UV lamp which has high sensitivity, a low limit of detection, and a broad linear range. Additionally, the GC-4400 does not require combustible gases, such as hydrogen gas, or chemical reagents. It can perform trace analysis for organic compounds as well as for some inorganic compounds. Due to its high sensitivity, the GC-4400 does not need thermal desorption to remove contaminants when analyzing compounds in different environments.

The GC-4400 is easy to use and can conduct quick analyses with high sensitivity. Thus, it is a major improvement over traditional analytical techniques. The instrument has many applications in the fields of environmental protection, air quality control, food safety, national defense, anti-terrorism, aviation and aerospace, scientific research, and other fields requiring trace gas analysis.

Main Features

· High sensitivity, broad range of linearity, low limit of detection
· Light weight, manoeuvrable, and flexible, especially suitable for any on-site analysis
· No combustible gases, such as hydrogen gas, or pure nitrogen gas are needed; only air is needed as the carrier gas
· No samples are destroyed as the instrument uses a safe and reliable process
· No need for headspace sampling devices to analyze VOC in water
· No chemical treatment, sample enrichment, or thermal desorption is needed beforehand. Users can directly inject samples to analyze.
· Chromatrograph workstation,is composed of a data acquisition card, a notebook computer, and analysis software. The software is used for predictable and accurate sample analysis.



Technical Specifications

• Minimum Detectable Concentration: 0.3ppb (benzene)
• Linear Dynamic Range: 105
• PID Photon Energy: 10.6eV
• Lamp Life-span: ≥3000 hours
• Weight: 14Kg

Detectable Compounds

1ppb: ethylene oxide, chloroethylene, anodynon, benzene, toluene, dimethylbenzene, ethane, alkanes (up to octane), methyl butane, ethane, propylene, butylenes, carrene and other sort of carrene, light quality chlorobenzene, sulfureted hydrogen, light quality alkyl sulfhydrate, organic sulfurs (up to dimethyl disulfo), acetone, cymene ethide ketone, arsine, phosphine, acetaldehyde, aldehydes (up to acetaldehyde), etc.

50ppb: glycol, fluorochloromethane (Freon), carbimide, anodynon, anodynon, ketohexamethylene, crylic acid, light quality alcohol, etc.

The listed compounds above are only some of the compounds detectable by this instrument. In general, gas compounds with ionization potential less than 10.6eV can be detected.

Repeated Analysis of Benzene

 Quantitative technique: Standard Addition Method

Conditions: Temperature: 31°C; Carrier gas: N2 15ml/min;

Sample: 100ppb, 0.1ml benzene.

Column: 10%SE-30, 1.2m X Φ 3mm PTFE Packed Column

Serial number Component Name Retention time Peak Height
1 1.23 35120
2 1.22 35706
3 1.23 35049
4 1.23 35083
5 1.22 35878
6 1.24 35932




Relative Standard Deviation: RSD=1.2%

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