EAST AND WEST AF-7500 Atomik Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı (Auto-Sampler ile beraber)

EAST AND WEST AF-7500 Atomik Floresans Spektrofotometre Cihazı

(Auto-Sampler ile beraber)



AF-7500 Atomic Fluorenscence Spectroscopy with Auto-Sampler is the product of a new generation of atomic flourescence spectrometers developed by East & West Analytical Instruments, Inc. This instrument integrates the latest computer and photoelectric technologies in offering a convenient, highly efficient, safe and reliable way to analyze samples for a wide range of applications.

This instrument has a very low limit of detection and a very broad linear range. Many of its technical specifications rival other Chinese and international instruments'.


Main Features

1. Able to Measure a Large Number of Elements as well as Analyzing Two Elements Simulataneously

AF-7500 is especially suitable for trace and ultra analysis of elements, such as As, Sb, Bi, Se, Sn, Pb, Ge, Te, Zn, Cd, and Hg.

2. Greater Efficiency

By combining 8-channel sample injection valve and peristaltic pump technologies, the AF-7500 is a highly efficient instrument that utilizes a fully automated dual injection tubes in its hydride generator. Additionally, it uses automated continuous flowing, sequential quantitative sample injection, automated dual channel alternating injection, and automated dual channel alternating analysis. When one channel is automatically washing or injecting samples, at the same time, the other channel will be automatically used for analysis with any cross examinations.

Through the use of international technologies, the AF-7500 is faster than any other similar products in analyzing any sample. The total analysis time is halved, doubling the working efficiency of AF-7500.

3. Infrared Gas-Liquid Separation Membrane

This membrane for gas-liquid separation reduces waste discharged from the pump. Gas and liquids are separated more cleanly, resulting in a colorless flame. Infrared light is used to monitor the liquid levels and eliminate any interference cause by the liquid level to the analysis. Noise level is substantially reduced with a improved limit of detection and a broader linear range. As such, the accuracy of the analysis is substantially improved.

4. Automatically Ignition Using Ar, H2 at Low Temperatures

Greatly improved sensitivity with a smaller memory effect.

5. General Power Supply for Both High-Intensity Hollow Cathode Lamps and Specialized Hollow Cathode Lamps

A convenient light source that can be changed/replaced at any time based on your needs.

6. Far Infrared Atomizer

This instrument uses a far infrared atomizer for faster rising temperature rates, more consistent temperatures, and a longer lifespan.

7. Automated Pneumatic Control

Utilizing an innovative circuit control system, AF-7500 is implemented with automatic pneumatic control, alarms, and safety devices for a safer analyses.

8. Safe and Reliable

Liquid path system is made of corrosion resistant material for greater safety and reliability.

9. Lower Operational Costs

AF-7500 uses less of the sample, reagents, and argon for more efficient analyses and lower operational costs.

10. Computer Controlled

AF-7500 Windows based software automizes the analysis process. The program can be used to analyze samples, display and correct spectrograms, create sample tables, calculate results, and print reports. This software also can process dual channel analyses. Various analysis parameters can be entered into the program. It will then proceed to automatically control control ignition, warmup procedures, temperature programming and other processes.

11. Compact Size

As a result of the latest photoelectric technologies, this product is about one half the size of similar products in China. As such, AF-7500 is especially suitable for situations with space restrictions, such as on ships.

12. Automatic Auto-Sampler (Optional)

This optional auto-sampler can process up to 130 samples. With its simple structure, accuracy, reliability, small size, light weight, this autosampler can provide a much more efficient and convenient process. It can be easily connected with the AF-7500, and can switch between injecting manually and automatically.



AF-7500 has a wide range of applications including food and drug safety, water monitoring, environmental protection, agriculture, metallurgy, cosmetics, medicine, geology, and other fields requiring trace or ultra trace analysis. More specifically:

1. Analyzing processed foods

2. Investing the quality of seafoods and ocean water

3. Testing for pollutants in a recent disaster area

4. Determining the concentration of metals in a sample extracted from a mine

5. Detecting leaks or other problems in a urban drainage system

6. Used in clinical and drug testing

7. Analyzing agricultural products for any contaminants or pesticides

8. Geological surveying, prospecting, and other mining related activities



Technical Specifications


As, Sb, Se, Sn, Te, Bi Ge Hg, Cd Zn
Miminmum Detectable Concentration(mg/L) <0.01 < 0.03 < 0.001 < 1.0



≤ 1.0 % RSD
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