EAST AND WEST AA-7002 Atomik Absorpsiyon Spektrofotometre Cihazı

EAST AND WEST AA-7002 Atomik Absorpsiyon Spektrofotometre Cihazı



  • Increased stability from the suspension system of the optical system. Mild external influences and ambient temperatures have no effect on the instrument's stability.
  • One of the most compact AAS in the world. The AA-7000 series combines the flame atomic absorption spectrometer, graphic furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, optical system, atomizer, graphic furnace power supply, and electronics all into one unit.
  • Long lasting nebulizers and burning heads. Using aero-space technology, pure industrial titanium nebulizers and burning heads are casted using a paraffin method. As such, they resist corrosion and oxidation and are capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • 1800 groves/mm diffraction grating for higher resolution and higher energy
  • Deuterium-lamp and background correction increase the accuracy of calibration results

    Reliable safety and alarm devices for lamps, graphite furnance, and atomizer

    Optional HG-01 hydride generator to analyze elements, such as As, Pb, Se, and Pb.

  • Technical Specifications

    Spectrophotometric System

    Wavelength Range: 190 - 900 nm

    Spectral Bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0 nm, with 5 second automated switching

    Monochromator: C-T grating monochromator

    Grating: 1800 / mm

    Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.2 nm

    Wavelength Repeatability: better than 0.1 nm

    Static Baseline Stability: ≤ ± 0.002 A/30min
    Dynamic Baseline Stability: ≤ ± 0.004 A/30min

    Blazed Wavelength: 250 nm

    Resolution: better than 0.3 nm

    Light Source

    · Automatic six element lamp tower, with automatic positioning

    · Pulse powered element lamps, 0 - 20 mA automatically set, with automated lamps, over-current protection, and a warm-up process.

    · D2 pulse powered lamp, 0 - 200 mA automatically set, automatically stabilizes itself

    · Static baseline ± 0.002A/30 minutes, with baseline automatically accounted for.
    · Dynamic baseline ≤ ± 0.004A/30 minutes, and baseline drift automatically corrected for.

    · Background Correction: Correlation factor increases by more than 50 times, anything under 2 A will decrease the calibration error to less than 2 %.

    Flame Atomizer

    · A glass atomizer covered by a metal sleeve increases atomization efficiency up to 38%. A 5 mg/Lcu solution absorbs up to 0.95A.
    · Spray chamber is lined corrosion resistant stainless steel.
    · Interchangeable single slit of 100mm or 50mm titanium combustion head, The height of the burning head and rotation angle are adjustable.
    · Automatic undervoltage shutdown system. Additionally, AVR function and leak-proof gas (acetylene) shutdown as well. The anti-tempering, flame abnormal status monitoring and alarming security features. Multiple safety and monitoring systems.

    Characteristic Element Data

    Flame Method:

    Characteric Cu Concentration: ≤ 0.02μg/ml/1%
    Detection Limit: ≤ 0.005 ug/ml
    RSD: ≤ 1 %

    Hydride Generation:

    Sensitivity for As: 0.11ng/ml
    Sensitivity for Pb: 0.21ng/ml
    Precision 1% RSH

  • Automatic Control System

    1. PC controlled instrument analysis parameters

    2. Energy and voltages are automatically controlled, as well as energy for element lamps or D2 lamps

    3. One button functions: automatically selecting lamps, automatically setting slit and wavelength, determining lamp current and energy, and resetting energy to zero.



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