Düşük Akışlı Piston Pompa Sistemleri

Düşük Akışlı Piston Pompa Sistemleri

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Remote flow rate control via analog signal or RS232 interface
Optional liquid ends for expanded flow range
Smooth fluid delivery from intra RPM stepper motor control
Integrated piston wash
No valves to clog or wear out
Build your own pump systems using interchangeable heads, drives, and accessories
Viscosities to 500 cp

Low dead volume

piston pump5

Extended flow ranges are possible by using up to three interchangeable liquid end assemblies. Software control of refill rates and compressibility compensation add to the versatility of the pumps and enhance pump performance. Precise metering is attained by a positive-displacement reciprocating piston assembly. The high-resolution stepper motor is used to maximize flow output and minimize pulsation.

A fully integrated piston wash system dramatically extends the life of the piston by rinsing away crystallized chemicals which lead to abrasion of the piston seal.
Choose pumps with an integrated pulse damper to further reduce pulsation. They also include the ability to monitor pressure, and set high and low limits

****Kendi ihtiyacınıza uygun pompa sisteminizi oluşturmak için lütfen şirketimizle temas kurunuz. Çok çeşitli pompa kafaları, driverlar ve tubeler için Cole-Parmer Kataloğumuza bakabilir yada "istek ve önerileriniz" menümüzden katalog isteğinde bulabilirsiniz.

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