Dual Solenoid Değişken Hızlı Sıvı ve Gaz Piston Pompaları

Dual Solenoid Değişken Hızlı Sıvı ve Gaz Piston Pompaları

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Ideal for liquid and vapor refrigerant recovery, water sampling/treatment, and volatile chemicals
Oil-free and leak-proof
Only one moving part and two check valves
Compact and quiet (<60 db for liquids)

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With the variable speed rate controller, pumps feature multiple control options for adjusting the flow of your fluid or gas. Control options include: manual on/off switch, dry contacts (for remote on/off), 4 to 20 mA (with 79306-75), and PC or PLC interface. Custom control options are available, call our Application Specialists for availability.

Pumps also include integral overload protection, run-dry capability, self-priming up to 22-ft, an integral solid state circuit board (for control of pump cycle rates) and submersible connections.
Alternately energized and de-energized coils located at either end of the pump change the magnetic field surrounding the piston. This results in movement of the piston back and forth within the piston cylinder and hence movement of the fluid. The check valves located in the piston and pump outlet prevent any reverse flow from occurring.
Required system components include: a variable-speed liquid or gas piston pump, a variable-speed rate controller (with or without a 4 to 20 mA input), a signal power cord, and a power cord.

Wetted parts 316 SS
Material (piston) coated 416 SS
Cylinder body 316 SS
Piston/cylinder material (o-ring) EPDM
Max flow rate (GPH) 46
Max pressure 45 psi (1400 psi for system)
Max temperature 140°F (60°C)
Viscosity range 20,000 cp
Port size 3/8" NPT(F)
Suction lift 12 ft H2O
Duty cycle continuous
Dimensions 3-1/3"W x 5"H x 3-2/3"D
Power VAC 115
Hz 60


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