Dry Glass Bead Sterilizatör

Dry Glass Bead Sterilizatör

Effectively sterilize small, solid metal and glass implements in seconds
Heated glass beads destroy all microbes and spores
Low power consumption allows for all day operation

Safe to use—no gases, fumes, open flames or harsh liquids


Sterilize solid metal and glass implements in less than ten seconds with these dry glass bead sterilizers. Glass beads are heated to 250°C to effectively destroy all microbes and spores. Suitable for sterilizing scissors, forceps, scalpels, inoculating loops and needles.
Sterilizers have a small footprint and can be conveniently placed on the benchtop. Power consumption is low allowing for all day operation. Dial thermometer on front of sterilizer ensures proper heating and back-up safety thermostat prevents over-heating.
What's included: one 10 oz bag of glass beads, 6-ft cord and U.S. Standard plug (110 VAC models) or European plug (220 VAC models).


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