Double Helix Mekanik Karıştırıcılar

Double Helix Mekanik Karıştırıcılar

Intermeshing, helical blades create low-shear mixing action for sensitive materials
Unique design integrates axial and radial rotation for thorough high-viscosity mixing
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These double-helix mixers operate in planetary fashion to completely mix viscous liquids, pastes, and dry-to-moist powders. Two separate paddles with intermeshing, spiral blades counter-rotate to mix, stir, and disperse high-viscosity materials. Orbital motion in the mixing vessel ensures thorough mixing.
Hand-held operation and portability make these mixers ideal for on-site use. Pistol-grip style lets you mix common compounds in virtually any vessel, and lightweight gear box ensures effortless operation and transport. Optional rotating-vessel stand supports mixer for unattended operationorder stand separately at right.

Mixer includes:
20-1/2"L, 304 SS dual detachable paddles
5" overall diameter x 8"L mixing section
industrial-finish carbon steel gear box
8-ft cord with plug

Speed range 0 to 800 rpm
Motor hp 1
Motor type electric
Dimensions 5"W x 35"H x 14"D
Capacity 2 to 12 gal

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