Cole-Parmer Traceable® Taşınabilir İletkenlik Ölçerler

Cole-Parmer Traceable®  Taşınabilir İletkenlik Ölçerler

Easy-to-use meters supplied with NIST Traceable certificate
Accuracy of ±0.4% of full range
External electronic calibration resistor included
Measurements are automatically temperature compensated to 25°C



These simple meters are ideal for routine analysis, research, or quality control applications. Meters are housed in rugged, chemical resistant ABS plastic for long life in the lab, plant, or field. Both meters come with a glass conductivity cell (1/2' dia x 5-1/4' L) with platinum electrodes and a cell constant of K=1, and cable length of 59' (1.5m).

Model 19601-00 is a portable, single range unit that measures in microsiemens or Megohms and, is ideal for pure water application. Unit includes cell, external calibration resistor (10 uS), one 9 V battery, and NIST Traceable certificate.

Model 19601-02 is a benchtop or portable unit that measures in microsiemens or total dissolved solids. The unit has five selectable measurement ranges for uS and four dissolved solids ranges. Unit includes cell, external calibration resistor (1000 uS), 9 V battery, recorder jack, and NIST-Traceable certificate.

Conductivity range 0 to 200,000 uS
Conductivity accuracy ±0.4%
Conductivity resolution 0.1 uS
TDS range 0 to 120,000 ppm
TDS resolution 0.01
TDS accuracy ±0.4%
Cell constant K=1
Cable length 59"
Battery 9V included
Dimensions 5" x 2.25" x 5.25"
Compliance NIST
Housing ABS plastic
Data storage None


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