Cole Parmer Sabit Sıcaklık ® Dijital Su Banyoları

Cole Parmer Sabit Sıcaklık ® Dijital Su Banyoları

Easy-to-set temperature control with adjustable presets for fast set point changes
Front panel lockout prevents unauthorized set point changes
Hinged lid directs coundensation back into the bath - prevents wet, messy benchtops
Extensive overtemperature protection



The name says it all! Our STABLETEMP utility baths feature unique air-jacketed heaters which provide excellent temperature specifications. The ± 0.2ºC temperature uniformity and ± 0.25ºC stability are ideal for heating your temperature-sensitive samples.

For optimum temperature protection, these baths feature dual thermostats - a primary, microprocessor - based temperature controller that provides +/- 0.1 oC precision and a secondary over temperature safety to prevent samples from overheating. For optimum temperature accuracy, the primary controller can be calibrated to your reference thermometer.

The stainless steel tank is seamless � no welds to leak or rust � and the rounded corners are easy to clean. Hinged polycarbonate lid allows condensation to flow back into the bath, eliminating puddles on your benchtop. Lid is steeply gabled to accomodate a variety of different sized vessels.

Choose from five bath capacities in a variety of configurations to meet all of your application needs! The 2-liter models offer deep or shallow working depths. Convert the 20- and 28-liter models into shaking baths using the optional shaker platform sold separately.

What's included: gabled lid, perforated stainless steel tray, and 6-ft power cord with plug (U.S. standard plug on 115 VAC models; European plug on 240 VAC models).

Capacity Liters 20 L
Temp range 5oC above ambient to 100oC
Temp stability +/- 0.25oC
Temp uniformity +/- 0.2oC
Temp control PID
Safety control Hydraulic thermostat
Temp display LED, oC/oF switchable
Low-level cutoff yes, adjustabble
Wetted materials 304 SS
Drain valve none
Bath opening 18"x10"
Working depth 6"
Overall dimensions 22"x8.1"x15.5"
Heater wattage 1000
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60


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