Cole-Parmer (logo) Customizable OEM Şırınga Pompaları

Cole-Parmer (logo) Customizable OEM Şırınga Pompaları

Customization is now available for integrating these microliter and milliliter syringe pumps into your system
Pumps can be programmed for either a constant flow rate or volume dispense
Models 74903-20 and -25 an accuracy less than +/-0.35%
Standard limit switches offer syringe plunger safety stops
Supports external run LED

şırınga pompası 

The constant current drive offers a more consistent delivery over the entire flow rate range. This drive is the key to the higher achievable accuracy of the pumps. Models 74903-20 and 74903-25 offers an accuracy of <+/- 0.35% while models 74903-30 and -35 have an accuracy of <+/-0.5%. This is up to a 50% reduction to previous models.

In true OEM fashion, there are many features that help provide a high level of flexibility to these pumps. One feature is the ability to network 16 pumps together, all pumps have a RS-232 connection. The pumps can easily be mounted to panel openings providing additional flexibility. The syringe mechanisms and chassis can be customized to meet your special needs.
Key information is stored on nonvolatile memory. This data consists of syringe diameters, flow rates, and target volumes. User-friendly programming offers many powerful commands at your fingertips: start or stop, clear volume accumulator, target dispense volume, force value, change of pump direction, change of flow rate, and selection of syringe size.

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