Cole-Parmer Heavy-Duty PFA Correlated Flowmetreler

Cole-Parmer Heavy-Duty PFA Correlated Flowmetreler

A unique combination of rugged frame and chemically inert wetted materials
The rigid aluminum frame is PFA coated to resist ambient corrosives
Ideal for applications involving ultrapure water or highly corrosive solvents

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These flowmeters are great for use with etchants and high purity water like those used in the semiconductor industry. Each flowmeter is individually tested on a mass spectrometer leak detector and certified to a leak integrity rating of 1x10�7 sccs helium or better. Choose from flowmeters with a valve to monitor and control flow or without a valve to simply monitor your flow.
A polycarbonate front shield magnifies readings 16% for reading at greater distances. Scale measures 75-mm on flowmeters rated for 5,000 ml/min or less; 125-mm on flowmeters rated to 13 L/min and above. All models come with correlation charts for water.

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