Cole-Parmer Ekonomik Alev Fotometresi

Cole-Parmer Ekonomik Alev Fotometresi

Automatic gas shutoff feature ensures operator safety
Unit comes with Na+, K+, Li+, Ca+, and Ba+ filters


Use this economical flame photometer for routine determinations of sodium and potassium in industrial and educational applications. This easy-to-maintain unit gives you fast and accurate results. For safety, an automatic gas shutoff mechanism activates if the flame becomes accidentally extinguished.
Unit comes with one each of Na+, K+, Li+, Ca+, and Ba+ filters, two meters each of gas and air tubing, and necessary fittings.

Range 0 to 199.9 ppm
Sensitivity Na+ and K+ filters: 3 to 100 ppm
Ca+ and Li+ filters: 5 to 100 ppm
Ba+ filter: 100 to 200 ppm
Specificity less than 0.5% interferences when concentrations are equal to test sample concentrations
Reproducibility better than ±1% C.V.
Linearity better than ±2%
Aspiration rate 2 to 6 mL/min
Reading stabilization approximately 8 seconds
Display 3-1/2-digit LED, 1/2"H
Recorder output 100 mV
Air supply requires 6 liters/min at 14 psi, oil and moisture free
Fuel supply high-grade propane, butane, or propane/butane mixture regulated at approximately 30 psi; natural gas at 3 to 10" W.G.
Power 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 14-3/16"W x 16-1/2"H x 11-7/8"D


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