Buchi® Rotavapor® R-215 Dijital Rotary Evaparatör

Buchi® Rotavapor® R-215 Dijital Rotary Evaparatör

Renowned systems with advanced features for ease of use
Digital display for both temperature and rotation speed

Multiple glassware configurations to meet your needs



The water/oil bath has a temperature range from ambient to 180°C. Bath has been designed with energy efficiency and safety in mind. Insulating housing prevents contact with hot surfaces; high alloy stainless steel pan is easy to clean. Heating coils are located beneath the surface of the pan to minimize maintenance and simplify cleaning. Use only uncoated flasks when using as an oil bath. Bath features wireless contacts for both power supply and communications, adding to maximum safety for user and the product. In the event of a power failure or fault in the bath, the flask is automatically raised to prevent overheating of the product. Each unit features digital display for both temperature bath and the rotation, allowing for easy repetition of parameters.

Use these evaporators with flasks from 500 mL to 4 liters. Chemical-resistant PTFE and long-life seals provide practically maintenance-free operation and use. Sparkless, brushless motor provides safe, quiet operation with constant torque from 20 to 280 rpm.
The diagonal condenser is used for basic distillations, and is ideal for where height is limited.
The professional vacuum controller allows you to automate your distillation and program your rotary evaporator for easy repetition of your parameters. Vacuum controller allows you to regulate the vacuum to a specified set-point, control quick-action jack and rotation of the rotary evaporator, and provides USB interface for data transfer. In addition, the timer function interrupts the process after a set time.

What's Included:

quick-action jack, 1-liter glass flasks (one receiving and one evaporating), condenser, a 5-ft power cord with three-prong plug, water bath with digital display, and professional vacuum controller.

Bath temperature 20-180C
Bath Capacity 4 liters
Rotation speed range 20-280 rpm
Speed resolution +/- 1 rpm
Display Digital
Power VAC 115
Hz 60
Configuration Diagonal
Glass type Normal
Vacuum connection Professional vacuum controller


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