Biyolojik Mikroskoplar

 Biyolojik Mikroskoplar


Monocular biological microscope with magnification of 400x. WF10x/18 wide field eyepiece, triple nosepiece revolver rotating
in both directions with click locking at the objectives positions. 4x, 10x and 40x (telescopic) achromatic objectives.

The B-100 Series Microscopes have been designed to fulfill all requirements of educational laboratories. The four available models include a broadband standard equipment, that allows a pleasant and effective approach to the world of microscopy.

B-180 - NEW

The B-180 series microscopes are optimally targetted to university, as effective tools both for students and for educators.

B-350 - NEW

The brand new series B-350 strikes the right balance between price and quality.
Thanks to the variety of its microscopes, it can be successfully used both in advanced teaching situations and in laboratories.
B-500 (Infinifix Objective)

The B-500 microscopes have been designed for the best performance in routine laboratory use. In the B-500 series, the two worlds of infinity-corrected and 160 mm microscopes find the way to meet each other.
B-600 (IOS Objective)

With the series B-600, OPTIKA Microscopes sets a new record in the
quality-to-price ratio.
The extraordinary characteristics of a series of highly professional microscopes are now within reach for all laboratories, thereby meeting the needs of those who are looking for a prime quality instrument, even though they do not have considerable budgets available.

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