BIOTRON Wave Tidal Biyoreaktör

BIOTRON Wave Tidal Biyoreaktör


Wave Tidal Bioreactor is disposable cell culture bioreactor. This bioreactor consists of a sterile wave bag and rocker. The single-use bag can be eliminated by any needs for cleaning or sterilization. The rocker can be set and control temperature. Also, it makes regular rocking motion that induces waves in culture media. Wave action makes cells suspense and prevents cumulating. Wave actions for mixing and transfering oxygen results in perfect environment for cell growth. It is suggested that



-Easy to scale-up

-Keep sterile environment in culture using presterile bag

-No cleaning, no sterilization in need

-Easy to arrange and remove disposable bag

-High process security

-Multiple instrument configuration designed for suspension

-Simple to operate, convinient to use

-Mixing well, high oxygen transfer by 9 wave motions



Insect cell culture

Plant cell culture

Virus production

Inoculums scale-up

High-containment system

Gene therapy

GMP Production

Cell therapy

Monoclonal antibody

Protein expression

Primary cell line expansion



Division Rocker Wave Bag
Power 120V, 230V 50Hz, 60Hz
Bag Volume Bag Volume
Dimensions(mm) 540.5(W) x 326(H) x 656(D) Disposable bag
Weight 26Kg Pre Sterile
Housing Stainless steel Air inlet, Air Outlet
Temperature control range ambient Temp. 5~60 ℃ Sample Port, Harvest Port
Rocking angle 10 degree Sensor Port For pH and DO
Speed range 2~50 rpm Spare Port


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