Biotron SP (PİLOT)

Biotron SP (PİLOT) 


Do you plan scale-up?
LiFlus SP Fermentor is the order-made instrument designed to be suitable for the condition & substance of culture meeting user's demand.
The adoption of stainless vessel and in situ Automatic sterilization System is free from the extra sterilizer and the scale-up to the ferment of big
The in situ automatic sterilization system of LiFlus SP is designed for the easy operation as the lab scale.
A heater is installed on the jacket of vessel and adjusts and raises temperature of sterilization, doesn't need the another sterilizer.
LiFlus SP Fermentor is available to develop the new product in the laboratory of university and industry.
- The top plate of design of European style
- Abidance by IQ/OQ of the standard of cGMP
- Agitation system



-ATMega128 CPU and sensor board into one board to easy-fix up and exchange

-One chip Micom applied without wires, less noise and simple process

-Qualified for dense fermentation : DO-stat, pH-stat, Exponential feeding,etc

-Remote control available in PC with data logging system

-Self setup sterilization: users make their own sterilization process and set up password, sterilization time, and temperature

-Self sterilization control: when problems happen in external steam supply, user can change valve sequence without pipe exchange and manage process directly at site

-Various cultivation mode: batch, fed-batch, and continuous mode

-Accurate temperature control using cooler and heater

-Additional vessels for bigger capacities and peristaltic pumps for more accurate operation.

-Automatic flow control: for mass flow control and data logging

-DO calibration by one point

-Zero calibration without nitrogen

-Protection from contamination in exhasting air

-Head lift system: top plate lifting automatic system

-Skid frame for controller: Easy to install and add up additional vessels and other controllers.



Agitation Drive & Range 30L ~100L : AC motor Top drive(mechanical seal driving) 50~1,000 ±1 RPM(In the condition of no load)
Impellers Rushton turbine impeller, Foam breaker(SUS 316L)
Sensor & Control Magnetic hall sensor, PID control
Head Lift The head lift system is powered by air cylinder and guided by two sets of linear motion guide
Materials & Finish Vessel/Piping SUS 316L, SUS 304(electrolytic polishing)
Sterilization Heat exchanger or inject steam into jacket.(105℃~130℃)
Temperature Range & Sensor Ambient + 3℃~80℃(0.1℃), RTD(Pt-100), PID control
Aeration Sparger Ring sparger(SUS 316L)
Filter Inlet(0.2㎛), Outlet filter(0.2㎛)
pH Range / Electrode 2.0~12.0 pH of set point, PID control / Gel Type
DO Range / Electrode 0~200%, PID control / Polarographic Type
Pressure Control The back pressure is controlled manually and/or automatically
Control Panel 17” Touch Screen Color LCD
Communications Memory stick, printer, computer, etc with the RS-232C communication protocol
Data Storage pH, DO, Pressure, Temperature and Agitation speed

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