SFE is a green technology, as this method of extraction does not utilise organic solvents, which have harmful effects.
Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) technology takes advantage of the unique properties of a gas Carbon Dioxide, at temperatures and pressures approaching and exceeding its critical point. At this state, it has a high density, typical of a liquid, as well as a high diffusivity, characteristic of a gas. The critical temperature of CO2 is 31ºC. This means, an extraction in the supercritical region will be at relatively mild temperatures compared to distillation.



-Material: SS316
-Loading type: easy head open type
-Safety: one relief valve, one power failure
-Volume: 10 liter
-Weight: 200kg
-Operation pressure: 300bar
-Temperature control limit : 0℃ ~ 100℃



Supercritical fluid CO2
Extractor Capacity: 10liters, 2ea
Design Pressure: 400 bars
Operating Pressure: 350 bars
Design Temperature: 90℃
Sepatator Capacity: 2liters, 2ea
No. In the System: 2 or 3
Design Pressure: 300bars
Operating Pressure: 250 bars
Design Temperature: 100 ℃

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