BIOTRON Mini Biyoreaktör

BIOTRON Mini Biyoreaktör


Mini bioreactor with working volumes from w 40 ml up to w100 ml.
The small volume reduces medium costs and reduces the use expensive bench space.
mini bioreactor comes with a Control Tower configured for temperature, heater, pump module and 2 -gas mixer , stirrer speed controler, vessel with 4, temperature sensor, sparger; filters; and storage bottle.



- Generate more data in less time
- Cultivate using less medium
- Cultivate using less bench space
- Generate scalable results



Vessel volume 100ml(w50ml), 300ml(w100ml)
100ml(w50ml), 300ml(w100ml) 5~120rpm
Temperature Range & Sensor Ambient + 3℃ ~80℃, RTD(Pt-100), PID control
Aeration Sparger & Gas mode Ring sparger
Inlet Filter(L) 0.2㎛ air filter cartridge
Exhaust system Filter 0.2㎛ air filter cartridge, SUS 316
Meida In/out pump 400A Peristaltic pump

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