BIOTRON GMII 2ch, 4ch, 6ch

Multiple Lab fermentor capable of ORP monitoring, plural controllers and large volume up to 84L (total volume) with space saving design and user basis controller program



BIOTRON GMII is for multiple culturing experiment and able to compare the results simultaneously.
This model is recommended to use in laboratory, industrial R&D center, bioprocess institutes and biomass company.
Biotron GMII consists of Biotron GXII controllers in 2channel/4channel/6channel, and is made into slimmer shape to be convinient for user through plate work.



-Intelligent self diagnostic system to maintain fermentation process from start to the end : Diagnostic, Setup, Dead Band, Offset, Warning, Feeding condition

-Programmable multi stage operation : Setting pH, DO, Foam, temperature for each stage to the end of the fermentation process

-Qualified for dense fermentation : DO-stat, pH-stat, Exponential feeding,etc

-Easy to setup feeding program

-Parallel design of vessel and controller : 4 peristaltic pump and pH, DO, foam, temperature sensor port

-Remote control available in PC with data logging system

-Self data logging system within fermentation controller

-Easy to calibrate temperature, pH, DO, foam sensors in use of graphic calibration mode

-Easy control of external device by fermentation controller : O₂/CO₂ analyzer, glucose analyzer, spectrophotometer, fluorescence, spectrophotometer, NIR, gas mixer, level, weight, etc

-Accurate PID temperature control system

-Reliable operation due to automatic controllers.

-7" wide touch screen, intelligent GUI

-Multi-vessel : 2-6 channels

-Multi-fermentor suitable for various experiments simultaneously

-Individual experiment available by attached controller on each 6 fermentors

-Various type of vessels and peristaltic pumps for scale-up and accurate operation.

-ORP sensing: diagnostics (inverter selection)

-4 gas signals : available to send control signals to directly 4 gas controller from main control system

-Able to lock controller by setting password in order to prevent changing culture-condition randomly.

-Transmits saved measured data and control parameters in excel sheets to computer.

-Stainless steel ring-shaped sparger with micro hole for consistent supply of gas

-Easily disassembling sprager for cleaning inside

-Available to perform experiment with different parameters, under the same condition.

-Accessible to multiple monitoring by PC and control systems.



Agitation Drive Top drive motor (mechanical drive)
Range 50~1,200 rpm
Sensor Magnetic hall sensor
Impellers four-BLADE rushton TURBINE
Indication Monolitic LCD display
Vessel RangeWorking Volume 6x250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 3L, 5L
Temperature Range From 3℃ above the cooling water temperature to 80℃
Control PID
Heating Rubber Jacket Heater(100watt)
Sensor RTD(Pt-100)sensor
pH Setpoint / Display Range 2.0 ~ 12.0
Control Modes PID maintain with ±0.01 pH of set-point
Probe Mettler electrode
DO Setpoint Range 0 ~ 200% ±0.1
Display Range 0 ~ 200% ±0.1
Control Modes PID
Probe Mettler electrode
Pump Control 2~4Pumps
For Control of Acid, Base, or Feed
Data Aquisition Recording Output rpm, pH, DO, temp, time(RS-232C interface)
Monitor and operating panel Touch - color FTP
Central interface Host - PC
Control Cabinet Dimension 455 D x 1050 W x 730 H(mm)
Power 220V, 50/60Hz

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