Atago Otomatik Polarimetre

Atago Otomatik Polarimetre

Measure the angle of rotation, International Sugar Scale, specific optical rotation, concentration and purity
Fully automatic, precision accuracy with the touch of a button

Store up to 30 of the most recent measurements


Eliminate the need for manual adjustments with this fully automatic polarimeter. Measure and display angle of rotation (AOR), International Sugar Scale (ISS), specific optical rotation, concentration, and purity. Determine the purity of sugar by the International Sugar Scale and identify the attributes of inverted sugar. This unit is ideal for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic industries.
Operation is simple: zero the unit by pressing the zero key, place the sample-filled tube in the measuring chamber, and press the start key. Measurements are displayed on a color LCD with backlight. Date, time, mode number, scale name, tube size and length, measurements, and temperature are all displayed. Automatic temperature compensation corrects readings of the International Sugar Scale from 64 to 86F (18 to 30C). Store and recall up to 30 of the most recent measurements. Download the measurements to your computer or printer via the RS-232C interface.
Password security protects your data from accidental deletion. Set limits to your measurements; display shows your measurements compared to the limits. Take multiple measurements and set the unit to display an average valuegreat for multiple trials of the same sample. A halogen lamp with a 589 nm filter provides the light source.


What's Included:

one each 100- and 200-mm tubes and a 7-ft power cord with three-prong plug.

Range Angle of rotation: -89.99 to +89.99°
Resolution Angle of rotation: 0.01°
Accuracy Angle of rotation: ±0.01°
Tube length up to 200 mm
Light source halogen lamp with 589 nm filter
Dimensions 19"W x 6-7/8"H x 11-7/32" D
Resolution International sugar scale 0.01°Z
Range International sugar scale -130.00 to +130.00 °Z
Accuracy International sugar scale ±0.03°Z
Power VAC 100 to 240 VAC
Hz 50/60 Hz


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