All Test Pro 31 Motor Test Cihazı

All Test Pro 31 Motor Test Cihazı

Find the motor faults you miss with a megohmmeter or PdM.


  • Test new and rewound motors before installing to insure they’re good. dangerous leaks
  • Test motors during shut-down to detect developing faults
  • Positively troubleshoot motor and drive trips to identify the problem area – motor, drive, overload, cabling, etc.
  • When testing installed motors, most tests can be run from the MCC through even hundreds of feet of cable
  • Detects all of the following:
    • Turn-to-turn faults
    • Coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase faults
    • Open phases
    • Phase unbalances
    • Broken rotor bars
    • Grounded windings
    • Capacitor failures (pass/fail test)
    • Shorted windings
  • Works on all sizes of motors—fractional through thousands of HP
  • Low-voltage tests are non-destructive


Manufacturer number AT31-115:ALL TEST PRO31 KIT
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