AB Lorentzen Wettre Tam Otomatik Kağıt Profil Test Sistemi ( AUTOLINE 400 PROFILER )

AB Lorentzen Wettre Tam Otomatik Kağıt Profil Test Sistemi

L&W Autoline 400

From start to result in 8 minutes

L&W Autoline 400 is the most advanced automatic paper testing system on the market. It is a complete paper quality measuring system that performs everything you need, from sample preparation to the final reel report with very little operator involvement. L&W Autoline tests more paper than any other automated testing system in the world.

L&W Autoline 400 is a complete measuring system that performs everything you need, from sample preparation to the final reel report.


Cut the sample

As it is important that the test samples are always precisely cut in a uniform manner, the use of L&W Profile Sample Cutter (code 148) is highly recommended. The sample cutter cuts samples directly from the reel and is easily handled by one operator. It also ensures that the paper samples are cut straight and perpendicular to the machine direction.

Furthermore, the sample strip is rolled up onto the cutter to prevent creases. The sample is cut to the correct width, approximately 300 mm (about 12 in), to fit the feeding system of L&W Autoline 400 Profiler.

Identify the sample

There are two ways to register a paper sample with L&W Autoline 400:

- Operator registration: The operator registers production information for test strips in L&W Autoline.

- Automatic registration: L&W Autoline 400 carries out registration automatically, based on data from the process computer. The operator needs only to confirm the proposed test identity and feed the sample into L&W Autoline 400. A bar code enables the test strip to be recognized directly by L&W Autoline 400’s computer.

For automatic registration, with or without bar code, L&W Autoline’s measuring program must be connected to the mill’s computer network.

Start the test

The sample’s identity controls the pre-set test sequence and the report format. Once the operator confirms the paper sample’s identity the sample is simply fed into the system. L&W Autoline 400 software is based on Windows, which makes it easy to set up test sequences and other settings.

Different testing modes

The operator can choose between different pre-set testing sequences. It is the testing sequence that controls which properties will be measured, the frequency and the step length between each measuring point. It also controls which type of report is printed out and/or if the data should be transferred to the mill-system. There are two different measurement options to choose from:

- Position measurement – all measurements are performed in exactly the same positions. This mode is recommended when the highest possible repeatability between different measurements is required.

- Speed measurements – all measurements are carried out simultaneously, as long as there is paper under the module. This mode ensures fast feedback time of the results.

Lorentzen & Wettre offers a wide choice of measurement modules

L&W Autoline 400 Profiler can be configured with measurement modules that are independently selected and combined for the desired measurements.

Available modules include Lorentzen & Wettre’s unique formation measurement as well as dynamic absorption and wettability. The majority of modules measure according to current industry standards. The most recent innovations include L&W Autoline Compressive Strength STFI Module, L&W Autoline Stylus Roughness Module, L&W Autoline Surface Formation and L&W Autoline Smoothness Oken.

Report formats

Three different types of reports can be generated:

- Reel Report – A statistical summary of the sample with mean or median value, standard deviation or coefficient of variation. The report also contains set target values and limits.

- Profile Report – A cross profile of a property. This can either be a continuous curve, including the exact testing points highlighted, or a Roll Position profile with calculation of mean/median value per roll position.

- Values Report – All data points measured in one report. This is the main report that is sent to the mill computer system.

Pre-set target and limit values

All reports can also include targets and limits. If the values are outside the limits, different colours highlight the event.

A complete profile report in 8 minutes

The test results are ready in 5–10 minutes, depending on the test method, the number of properties tested and the length of the sample. For example, an optimized testing program of an 8 metre wide web, in 20 positions, takes approximately 8 minutes.

As soon as measuring is completed the results are displayed directly on the screen as cross-direction profile graphs or in table form. Data from each reel of paper measured can be documented just as easily.

The results are used to verify paper quality and optimize the process. The fast feedback to production enables the machine operator to correct any faults in the paper machine during operation, thereby preventing the next reel from also being outside specifications.

Machine operators can follow the testing results and take action to optimize the production.

  • Fast; it takes about 8 minutes to measure a profile at 20 positions
  • The results are easily accessible via the mill’s local area network
  • Different types of pre-programmed testing sequences to choose from
  • Remote viewing station providing real time data

L&W Autoline 400 Profiler – Code 411

L&W Autoline 400 is delivered and installed as a complete system, with the following main components:
- L&W Autoline 400 Profiler
- L&W Autoline 400 software
- Computer, trackball and keyboard
- Report printer
- Interface for Host Computer communication
- Capability for networking with other L&W Autoline 400 units
- Installation, start-up and training on site by Lorentzen & Wettre personnel


Measurements available

- Smoothness, Bekk, Oken
- Roughness, Bendtsen, Sheffield and PPS
- Air Permeance, Bendtsen, Gurley and Sheffield
- Thickness
- Bursting Strength, version P and J
(Paper and board respectively)
- Tearing Strength
- Bending Resistance
- Moisture
- Gloss
- Grammage/Basis Weight
- Optical testing
- Dynamic Absorption and Wettability
- Formation
- Surface Formation
- Tensile
- Roughness- Stylus Type
- Compressive Strength (SCT)
- NIR (for the determination of ash content)

Grammage range
15–800 g/m² (3–160 lb/1000 ft²) Depending on sample thickness and stiffness
Measuring time
Depending on which modules are activated, the sample length and the number of positions measured

Installation requirements

Total consumption: depends on the modules included
Instrument air

0.6–1 MPa
Consumption depends on the modules included


Bar-code reader
Bar-code printer
Sample-Loading System
L&W Profile Sample Cutter, code 148
L&W Sample Trimmer, code 149


2.85 × 1.5 × 0.9 m
112 × 59 × 35 in
6 m³
210 ft³

Net weight
500-900 kg
1100-1980 lb
Gross weight
600-1000 kg
1300-2200 lb

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