AB Lorentzen & Wettre Online Kağıt Hamuru Test Cihazı

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Online Kağıt Hamuru Test Cihazı

Online system for standardized pulp testing

L&W Pulp Tester is a reliable, repeatable, cost-effective and rapid system for process and laboratory control of pulp. No matter what pulp is produced, it is important to fully understand the process and have reliable data. L&W Pulp Tester measurements conform to established standards and together with the latest and fastest technique it is a major help in achieving uniform paper quality and stable runnability.

L&W Pulp Tester is the perfect choice for all pulp and papermaking applications – constantly providing complete pulp quality measurements. Our long experience in designing high quality instruments together with extensive mill trials ensures high uptime and low maintenance needs. Based on that together with our global service department, we guarantee the reliability of this new system.


Mechanical pulp

Online measurement of pulp quality is a necessity today. Optimization and control of pulp quality based on frequent pulp quality analysis save more than 5% of refiner energy consumption giving fast return on invested capital. Optimal settings of a dozen of parameters are not possible without relevant measurements.

L&W Pulp Tester provides internal consistency measurements, which is important for coarseness measurement and for measuring freeness. Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) measurements are important for production of mechanical pulp and used for monitoring the refining effects of the over all pulp quality. It is measured according to standard and performed automatically – forget about complicated mathematical calibration procedures!

Correct fibre length measurement indicates the condition of refiners and grinders, contributing to refining energy and lifetime optimization of refiner segments and grinder stones. Together with the fast and optimized shive measurement the refiner and screening processes are monitored and optimizes the final pulp quality according to specifications. Shives content and distribution are measured with optical technique and with better statistical significance than ever.

Measurements of optical properties on mechanical pulp are very important for high-quality printing paper producers. The optical properties module is recommended, for measurements according to standard ISO brightness.

Chemical pulp

Online measurement of final pulp quality makes frequent testing of pulp quality possible. Deviations in delivered pulp quality (claims) are avoided. The quality is guaranteed. Control of grade changes alone can pay for a system. Control of brightness saves chemicals and guarantee brightness levels.

L&W Pulp Tester system provides gravimetric consistency for coarseness measurements, and optical consistency to control sample dilution. Making it possible to measure fibre length and pulp strength online. Strength parameters for chemical pulp can be predicted by fibre length, width, shape (or kink), fines and coarseness. The module for optical properties complements the measurements with standard (ISO) brightness. For unbleached pulps the shive module is recommended for control and optimization of digesters. For pulps based on hardwoods, detection of vessel cells is essential. The fibre morphology module has the best available vessel cells detection unit.

Recycled pulp and deinked pulp (DIP)

More than 50% of produced pulp world wide today is recycled pulp! Most important of the process is to remove impurities, to minimize fibre losses and to increase the whiteness.

In order to maintain pulp quality in for example recycled pulp and DIP production it is important to measure optical properties, ERIC 950 (for residual ink), and fibre properties for optimization of mixing of raw material or if fractionation is applied in the mill.

L&W Pulp Tester measures optical measurements early in the process. Following, necessary actions can be taken immediately upon deviations observed in the pulp line. Time delay in the process is avoided and the paper manufactured is less likely to be off specification in terms of optical properties.

Paper machine stock preparation

Freeness is used for optimization and control of refiners in stock preparation. In this process fibre deformations also can be optimized as well as the pulp blend for each grade. A uniform pulp quality minimizes breakes and deviations from the quality targets, and optimizes the paper machine (in terms of energy, production and quality).

Freeness is measured according to Schopper-Riegler (SR) standard or CSF. Fibre properties are measured with the fibre morphology module. The actual fibre mix can be measured by the blend module, which accurately measures the percentages of different species in the furnish.

Modular system for flexibility

Available modules

  • L&W Pulp Tester Sample Preparation, code 961
  • L&W Pulp Tester Optical Properties, code 970
  • L&W Pulp Tester NIR, code 969
  • L&W Pulp Tester CSF, code 967
  • L&W Pulp Tester SR, code 968
  • L&W Pulp Tester Fibre Morphology, code 966


  • L&W Pulp Tester XLC Sampler, code 974
  • L&W Pulp Tester LC Sampler, code 962
  • L&W Pulp Tester MC Sampler, code 963

L&W Pulp Tester – Code 960
L&W Pulp Tester is delivered and installed to a complete
system with following main components:
- Sample preparation unit
- System software
- Computer and UPS
- Installation, start-up and training on site
by Lorentzen & Wettre personnel
Measurements available

Fibre length
Fibre width
Shape factor
Vessel cells
Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF)
Schopper-Riegler (SR)
Colour (L*, a*, b*)
ERIC 950

Consistency range


Measuring time

Down to 4 minutes cycle time

Installation requirements
Total consumption depends on modules included.
Max 2300 W
Instrument air class 2-4-3
0.5–1 MPa (70–140 psi)

Depends on the number of samplers and
modules included.  Average 25 l/min. Max 150 l/min.
Average consumption with sheet former 150 l/min. Max 350 l/min.

Depends on situation but at least filtrated to 25 µm.

0.4–1 MPa (60–140 psi)

Depends on the number of samplers and modules included
1 tube/pipe > 32 mm
Flush proof, temperature range 5 – 45 º C,
corrosion free, monitor; IP65

L&W Pulp Tester XLC Sampler, code 974
L&W Pulp Tester LC Sampler, code 962
L&W Pulp Tester MC Sampler, code 963
L&W Pulp Tester Sample Input/Output, code 973



Sample preparation
2.0 × 1.3 ×0.7 m
79 × 51 × 28 in
1.9 × 0.6 ×0.7 m
75 × 24 × 28 in
Net weight

Sample preparation
342 kg (w sheetformer/sample input)
754 lb
80–120 kg (depending on type)
176–265 lb


Applicable standards
Fibre length: ISO 16065-2:2007
Canadian Standard Freeness: ISO 5267-2:2001
Schopper-Riegler: ISO 5267-1:1999
Instrument spec. (Elrepho): ISO 2469
Brightness: ISO 2470
Colour: ISO 5631
ERIC 950: ISO 22754, T567
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