AB Lorentzen & Wettre Mikrometre - Kağıt / Karton Kalınlık Test Cihazı

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Mikrometre - Kağıt / Karton Kalınlık Test Cihazı

L&W Micrometer gives precise and exact thickness measurements of paper, board, corrugated board and tissue. It is easy to use and combines the latest materials and manufacturing procedures to ensure accurate measurements at high resolutions. This means test results that are precise, reliable, and consistent, which can be confidently used to control manufacturing parameters to produce a superior quality product.

There are six different versions of L&W Micrometer. Three for paper and board (versions A-C), one for corrugated board (version D) and two for tissue (versions E and F). The different configurations conform to international paper industry standards.


New functions

Lorentzen & Wettre’s programmable micrometer is easy to use, due to its many advanced functions and features. The measurement starts when a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence, thus allowing ‘hands-free’ operation.

Adaptive lifting height optimizes the height adjustment of the upper pressure face after the first sheet in the series to allow the next sample to be put into place, in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

An auto cycling function permits the continuous cycling of the upper pressure face to facilitate repetitive and continuous measurements.

Easy to get started

When the instrument arrives it is ready for use. The operator merely presses the appropriate button or places the test piece in the measuring gap and the instrument begins measuring. The upper pressure face now moves upwards so that the test piece can be put in place. The lowering speed of the upper pressure face is preset to a specified standard. The delay time before the measurement is taken is also preset.

The measured value will automatically be shown on the display and stored into memory for the final report. Individual results and statistical information can be printed by the built-in printer. The print-outs show two different units at the same time. The results can also be transferred to a PC and/or an external printer.

Streamline the measurements

The software, included with the delivery, allows the operator to configure the instrument for specific measurement applications. Such operational functions as ‘lifting height’, ‘auto-cycling’, ‘delay time’ or ‘measurement units’ can be preset via the PC to save time and streamline the measurements. It also prevents the operator from changing the configuration by mistake.


  • Rapid and accurate measurements
  • Auto-Start
  • Auto cycling function
  • Easy to operate
  • Specific measurement applications can easily be pre-programmed
  • Measures single sheet and bulking thickness
  • Fast check of main functions
  • Built-in printer


L&W Micrometer – Code 250
PC software for instrument set-up. Serial cable. Printer rolls


0–1.25 mm (version D = 10 mm)
0.1 µm (version D = 1.0 µm)


Differential transformer
Max throat depth
80 mm
Test surface
Hardened and lapped stainless steel
Lifting speed
5 mm/s
Lifting height
Stepwise adjustable via PC. Automatic adjustment of lifting height after the first measurement value in a series
Adjustable in mm, µm, in or mils via PC. The unit can also be set by pressing buttons on the control panel in a certain sequence
Adjustable 0–10 s via PC
Repetitive measurement
Adjustable 0–9 s via PC


 Measurement values
- thickness (sheet or pad)
- mean value (sheet or pad)
- standard deviation
- coefficient of variation
- maximum and minimum values of the series



- connectable to L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation


Installation requirements

25 W

Slip gauges




0.2 × 0.3 × 0.4 m
8 × 12 × 16 in


0.13 m³
4.4 ft3

Net weight

15 kg
33 lb

Gross weight

25 kg
55 lb



Applicable standards

Paper and board: APPITA/AS 1301.426 and 427, BS 3983, CPPA D.4, DIN 53105, EN 20534, ISO 534, NF Q 03-016 and 03-017, SCAN P 7, TAPPI T 411
Corrugated board: APPITA/AS 1301.426, FEFCO No. 3, ISO 3034, SCAN P 31, BS 4817
Tissue: EN 12625-3, SCAN P 47  

Related standard
Tissue: DIN 54540

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