AB Lorentzen & Wettre Kağıt Su Emme Kapasitesi Test Cihazı - Cobb Cihazı

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Kağıt Su Emme Kapasitesi Test Cihazı - Cobb Cihazı

L&W Cobb Sizing Tester measures the weight increase of a sample, when exposed to water for a given time.

Sizing and absorption are important properties, not only for writing and printing results, but also for the appearance of the material after handling and practical use in real life. This method for measuring water absorption of sized papers is used all over the world.


Simple operation

The procedure, including the duration of certain stages, is specified in each standard. A dry test piece of suitable size is weighed and placed under the cylinder. Then 100 ml of water is poured over the test piece. After a specified time the water is poured off and the test piece is placed on a standardized blotting paper.
Another blotting paper is placed on top of the test piece and the excess water is removed by means of the couch roller. The test piece is weighed again and the results are calculated and reported as
absorptiveness in grams, per m² according to the standard method.

  • Single handed operation
  • Fast locking of the sample
  • Couch roll is included
  • L&W Cobb Sizing Tester is also available in a special version with rubber gasket for corrugated board

L&W Cobb Sizing Tester – Code 146
Couch roll


Test area
100 cm²
Level indication
Indication for 100 ml on the inside of the cylinder
Dimension cylinder
Diameter 200 mm, height 200 mm (8 × 8 in)
Dimension couch roll

Diameter 88 mm (3.6 in), width 210 mm (8 in),
weight 10 ± 0,5 kg


 Measurement values
- water absorptiveness
(Cobb value)


Version for corrugated board
Maximum thickness of corrugated board is 15 mm. Equipped with rubber gasket at the bottom of the cylinder.



0.3 × 0.3 × 0.5 m
12 × 12 × 20 in


0.05 m³
1.8 ft³

Net weight

13 kg
29 lb

Gross weight

18 kg
40 lb


Applicable standards
APPITA/AS 1301.411, CPPA F.2, DIN 53132, FEFCO No 7, ISO 535, SCAN P 12, TAPPI T 441, EN 20535  

Related standards
SCAN P 18, TAPPI T 458  
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