AB Lorentzen & Wettre Hava Geçirgenliği Test Cihazı - ( Düşük Aralık )

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Hava Geçirgenliği Test Cihazı - ( Düşük Aralık )

L&W Air Permeance Tester, low range, uses the latest technology to measure the air permeance of grades with low levels of air permeance, for example, grease proof paper, conductor insulation paper and release paper.

The traceable calibration of the pressure transmitter and flow meter ensures a very high level of reproducibility. The easy check functions of the instrument, guarantee fast and reliable routine measurements with the highest possible precision.


Easy to use

Once the measuring sequence has been set the operator simply places the paper sample in the measuring gap. Then a sensor detects the paper and the measuring process starts. L&W Air Permeance Tester, low range, quickly and automatically clamps the sample in position with a clamping pressure of 1 MPa and readings are taken in accordance with the preset measuring time. Then the sample is released and a new sample can be measured. Automation prevents any errors, or poor reproducibility caused by differences in instrument handling.

The results are shown in µm/Pa s on a display and printed out on the built-in printer. Results can also be sent to a laboratory computer via the signal output.

Environmentally friendly

L&W Air Permeance Tester, low range, is based on modern components for measurement of air pressure and airflow. The problems associated with mercury and oil have been eliminated. The automatic clamping, and preset measuring time which is usually 30 seconds for all kinds of samples, guarantees correct measurements. This results in considerable time savings, when measuring paper grades with low levels of air permeance.

  • Compact design
  • Automatic clamping of the sample
  • Preset measuring time
  • Fast and simple
  • Easy to read
  • Superior precision

L&W Air Permeance Tester, low range – Code 168
Three check nozzles. PC software for setup and calibration. Spare base diaphragm. Serial cable. Printer rolls.



200–10000 pm/Pa s at 20 kPa measuring pressure
- the range 1–199 pm/Pa s is usable, but is not traceably calibrated

Alternative measuring range

2000–65000 pm/Pa s
- corresponding to 0.002–0.065 µm/Pa s at 2 kPa measuring pressure (not traceably calibrated)


Display and printer
5 digits, up to 3 significant digits reported
Delay time
30–60 s
Clamping pressure
1 MPa
Test air pressure
20 kPa alternatively 2 kPa
Test area
50 cm²


 Measurement values
- air permeance
- mean value
- standard deviation
- coefficient of variation
- maximum and minimum values of the series



- connectable to L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation


Installation requirements

55 W
Instrument air
>0.4 MPa (60 psi)
Air consumption
0.2 m³/h (0.1 ft³/min) NTP



0.3 × 0.4 × 0.4 m
12 × 16 × 16 in


0.2 m³
7.4 ft³

Net weight

25 kg
55 lb

Gross weight

34 kg
75 lb


Related standards
SCAN P26, ISO 5636-1*
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