AB Lorentzen & Wettre Bendtsten Methodu - Kağıt Yüzey Düzgünlüğü Test Cihazı

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Bendsten Methodu - Kağıt Yüzey Düzgünlüğü Test Cihazı 

L&W Bendtsen Tester combines rapid routine measuring with high precision, in accordance with both traditional and new test standards. The Bendtsen method has long been a well-known method for measuring the roughness of paper grades, from newsprint to liner.

L&W Bendtsen Tester enables accurate checking of roughness specifications that comply with standard methods. The automatic alignment of the measuring head with samples, and the preset measuring time ensure correct results. The compact design effectively protects the measuring head and the glass surface. As L&W Bendtsen Tester is a totally integrated instrument, there are no loose parts that can jeopardize the reliability or repeatability when measuring roughness and compressibility.



L&W Bendtsen Tester is designed to be as convenient as possible to use. Once the measuring sequence is set all the operator needs to do is place the paper sample in the measuring gap. A sensor detects the paper and the measuring process starts. The sample is automatically raised against the measuring head so that it rests against the paper sample with a constant standard contact pressure of 98 kPa. The sample is then released and can be moved to another position until all measurements are completed. The automatic measuring process prevents handling errors.

The results are shown on a digital display and printed out on the built-in printer. Results can also be sent to a laboratory computer via the signal output.

  • Compact design
  • Automatic alignment of sample with measuring head
  • Preset measuring time
  • Fast and simple
  • Easy to read
  • Superior precision

L&W Bendtsen Tester – Code 164
Two check nozzles. PC software for setup and calibration. Spare base diaphragm. Serial cable. Printer rolls



50–6000 ml/ min compensated
50–3500 ml/ml uncompensated

Measuring mode
Alternatively, with or without compensation for pressure drop


Display and printer
5 digits, up to 3 significant digits reported
Delay time
Adjustable 2–10 s
Contact pressure
98 or 490 kPa (14.2 or 71 psi)
Test air pressure
1.47 kPa (0.22 psi) adjustable 0.5–1.9 kPa (0.04–0.28 psi)


 Measurement values
- roughness
- compressibility
- mean value
- standard deviation
- coefficient of variation
- maximum and minimum values of the series



- connectable to L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation


Installation requirements

55 W
Instrument air
>0.2 MPa (30 psi)
Air consumption
0.2 m³/h  (0.1 ft³/min) NTP



0.3 × 0.4 × 0.4 m
12 × 16 × 16 in


0.2 m³
7.4 ft³

Net weight

21 kg
46 lb

Gross weight

30 kg
66 lb


Applicable standards
BS 4420, DIN 53108, ISO 8791-2, SCAN P 21, SCAN P 84, NEN 2012, NF Q 03-076   

Related standard
APPITA 1301.439

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