AB Lorentzen Wettre Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation

Simplifies testing routines to increase efficiency

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation (DAW) connects existing or new stand-alone instruments from Lorentzen & Wettre, and instruments from other manufacturers, into a data gathering network, where recording, presentation, and archiving of results is performed.

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation is the perfect solution to bridging the gap between full automation (L&W Autoline Profiler) and stand-alone instrument paper testing, by connecting your stand-alone testing instruments to a Windows network. The hardware and software will allow you to gather data and analyse information more quickly and efficiently, thus saving time and money.

Each L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation comes complete with software, drivers (instrument interfaces) for each instrument, and cables to connect those instruments to a PC. The versatility of the Windows environment allows for multiple instruments to be operational at the same time. The results can be instantaneously transmitted to a host computer or similar network within your organization so that critical information is available to everyone immediately.

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation improves the efficiency and accuracy of paper testing laboratories. It is also a solution to the problem of manually recording of test results. It can easily be connected to L&W Autoline Profiler and the results are then readily accessible via your local area network.

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation is designed to optimize the routine testing in a laboratory by connecting the manually operated paper testing instruments to a PC. Each PC supplied can accommodate 10 stand-alone instrument interfaces, however, for practical reasons it is suggested that no more than five instruments be connected to each PC. The operator can work with several instruments as the same time even with a different sample identity. Several active measuring windows are then displayed on the screen.

Collects and stores measured and calculated values

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation software collects and stores measured values from the connected instruments, or values entered using the keyboard. The software comes with a database that specifies and stores all information such as grades, target values, grade limits and alarm limits.

The results can be presented in three different report formats;

  • Reel Report with statistics for the samples
  • Position Report with the statistics of all properties tested for a certain position
  • Values Report where all the measured data points are presented

After measuring has been completed, measuring data can be tranferred to a part of the database for long-term storage or be transferred as an XLS or HTML file to other systems via E-mail or FTP. The measuring programme can display graphs for 3-dimensional graphs for greater clarity. L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation can be connected to most Lorentzen & Wettre stand-alone instruments and Mettler balances. The workstation can also easily be connected to L&W Autoline 300 Profiler in a network. This assures reliable documentation of all the production and ensures that the correct information goes to the end-user. The ability to combine testing results from the automated profiler together with stand-alone instruments is unique to L&W Autoline.

It is also possible to connect instruments from other manufacturers. Please contact Lorentzen & Wettre for complete details and a list of compatible instruments.

  • Up to 10 stand-alone instruments can be connected to each station (no more than 5 instruments is recommended for optimum efficiency)
  • The Windows based software enables simultaneous operation of all instruments
  • The system is delivered complete with PC, software and connections for the instruments
  • The system is enabled for networking and for connecting to L&W Autoline Profiler

L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation – Code 414 or 414A


(Code 414)

Autoline 400 software for DAW
Cable for connecting 1 instrument
1 Lorentzen & Wettre instrument interface (license)


Reel and Position Report including:
- mean values
- minimum and maximum values
- standard deviation or coefficient of variation
- number of tests
Value Report including:
- all measured values
- mean values
- minimum and maximum values
- standard deviation or coefficient of variation
- number of tests



Installation requirements


Computer equipment: 320 W
Printer: 200 W


Bar-code reader
Bar-code printer

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