Abbe Refraktometreler

Dijital Refraktometreler

  • ATAGO ® Programlanabilir Dijital Refraktometre (RX-7000alpha)

    Measure refractive index samples from 1.3250 to 1.7000 Built in thermo module ensures precision accuracy, program up to 30 different user scales

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  • Dijital Laboratuar Refraktometreleri

    Provide process and quality control with ease Four models cover all major lab refractometer applications, compact design saves valuable space

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  • KRÜSS Dijital Refraktometreler

    High-precision Digital Lab Refractometer series DR6000 for applications such as mixing-ratio, quality and quantity control, plus determination of purity.

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El-Tipi Refraktometreler

  • ATAGO ® Dijital Cep Brix Refraktometresi (PAL-1)

    This light and compact pocket refractometer is ideal for determining Brix concentrations in fruits and beverages as well as cutting oils and organic samples.

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  • KRÜSS Dijital El-Tipi Refraktometreler

    Robust, everyday handheld refractometers for the laboratory

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  • Reichert ® High-Precision Brix Refraktometreler

    These refractometers offer exceptional optical design and improved image resolution with high contrast for easy viewing of scales

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Manuel El-Tipi Refraktometreler

  • KRÜSS Manuel El-Tipi Refraktometreler

    Compact, sturdy and simple to use Krüss offers over twenty models in the HR series of Manual Handheld Refractometers

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Otomatik Refraktometreler

  • ATAGO ® Otomatik Refraktometre (SMART-1)

    Choose from four scales inverted sugar, Brix, HFCS-55 and HFCS-42 ±0.05% accuracy with a measurement range of 0.00% to 95.00% Brix!

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  • Reichert ® Otomatik Abbe Refraktometre

    Precise measurements have never been made easier with this automatic Abbe refractometer. Whether you are measuring high fructose corn syrup, sugar content of fruit products or the refractive index of..

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Proses Refraktometreler

  • In-Line Proses Refraktometre

    Easily correlate temperature compensated readings to percent solids, Be, % Brix, and specific gravity scales

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  • KRÜSS Proses Refraktometreler

    Direct insertion or bypass designs Krüss offers two models of Process Refractometers in the PR21 series.

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