Mikroplaka Okuyucular

Floresans Mikroplaka Okuyucu

  • Techcomp MTP-600F Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

    Three measurement modes can be used by two excitation wavelengths/ two emission wavelengths.

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  • Techcomp MTP-601F Otomatik Floresan Mikroplaka Okuyucu

    A versatile instrument that is capable of making minor adjustment according the microplate parameters provided by the manufacturer for precise measurement.

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Lab Grating Mikroplaka Okuyucu

  • Techcomp SH-8000Lab Grating Mikroplaka Okuyucu

    SH-8000Lab pursues flexibility, high reliability, and innovation to respond to a wide range of measurement needs.

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Multi-Detection Mikroplaka Okuyucu

  • Chameleon Multi-label Mikroplaka Okuyucu

    Up to five technologies in one unit!, Read absorbance, luminescence, liquid scintillation, fluorescence intensity (FI), and time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), Designed to read 24-, 96- and 384-well plates

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  • Techcomp MTP-800AFC Çoklu-Dedeksiyonlu Mikroplaka Okuyucu

    Absorbance : 260 ~ 999 nm, Fluorescence : Excitation 260 ~ 710 nm/ Emission 300 ~ 750 nm ,Luminescence : 300 ~ 750 nm (Full range)

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