Metering Pompaları

Bellow Metering Pompaları

  • Bellow Metering Pompaları

    Adjust flow rate by modifying stroke length even while pump is operating, self-priming to 7 feet dry and 20 feet wet; can run dry without damage

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Bimor Metering Pompaları

  • Bimor Metering Pompaları

    Revolutionary, quiet pump technology, no motors, gears, shafts or bearings—ensures a long operating life

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Peristaltik Metering Pompalar

  • Cole-Parmer ® Peristaltik Metering/Injector Pompalar

    A cost-effective pump for pressure injection and chemical feed applications

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  • Cole-Parmer Dijital Metering Pompalar

    Superior quality pumps at affordable prices, combine engineering excellence with quality materials of construction

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