İyon Metreler

Masaüstü Tipi İyon Metreler

  • Accumet ® XL50 ve XL60 Multiparametreli Metreler

    Windows CE®-driven, full-color touchscreen provides unmatched ease of use in operation and set-up

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  • Hach ® Masaüstü tipi pH / İyon / mV / T Metreler

    Stabilize readings in seconds! , IP66 waterproof housing Auto buffer recognition, Auto temp compensation

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  • Oakton ® Masaüstü Tipi pH / İyon 2100 Metre

    Ion concentration mode directly displays readings in ppm, ppt, percent, or any other units of your choice. w Customize up to five calibration points

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  • Oakton ® Masaüstü Tipi İyon 510 Metreler

    Advanced features at an economical price! , store and recall 50 readings in memory, feature a simple push-button keypad—ideal for use in the lab or plant.

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  • Thermo Scientific Orion Star Serisi Masaüstü Tipi pH / İyon Metreler

    Combine simple three-button operation with exceptional performance, rugged design is well-suited for both lab and field applications, bright backlit LCD is easy to read in various lighting conditions

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Taşınabilir İyon Metreler

  • Oakton ® Acorn İyon 5 ve İyon 6 Metreler

    Direct readout of ion concentration units, mV measurement mode allows you to check electrode performance, compact size, ±500 mV range is compatible with almost all ISE electrodes.

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  • YSI Profesyonel Serisi İyon Metreler

    Modular design allows configuration to your specific application, combine meter, probes, and cable lengths to meet your needs, handheld meter design offers menu-driven software

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