Cleanroom Etüvler

  • Thermo Scientific Barnstead ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Etüv

    HEPA filter for maximum contamination protection, meets or exceeds ISO Class 5 air standards

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Emniyet Etüvleri

  • BINDER FDL Serisi Safety Drying Etüvler ( FDL115 )

    The BINDER FDL 115 with silicone and dust-free inner chamber, as well as symmetric airflow dries specimens containing solvents and thus this safety drying oven meets all EN 1539 requirements

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  • BINDER MDL Serisi Safety Drying Etüvler ( MDL115)

    Safety drying oven with expended temperature range The BINDER MDL 115 with enhanced control function works at temperatures up to 350 °C. This safety drying oven meets all EN 1539 requirements 1539

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Gravity Convection Etüvler

  • BINDER E Serisi Etüvler (E28)

    With a BINDER E series heating oven, you obtain a reliable and powerful unit in a solid configuration at a very attractive price.

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  • BINDER ED Serisi Gravimetrik Etüvler (ED23, ED53, ED115, ED240, ED400, ED720 )

    The strength of the BINDER ED series heating oven: routine drying and sterilization applications up to 300 °C.

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  • Cole-Parmer Ekonomik Gravity Convection Etüvleri

    These economical gravity convection ovens are designed for the budget-conscious laboratory needing to perform basic drying and baking applications.

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  • Sabit Sıcaklık Mikroprosesör-Kontrollü Gravity Convection Etüvler

    These ovens are ideal for a wide variety of applications in which precise control, good temperature uniformity, and excellent recovery times are important.

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  • Thermo Scientific Lindberg® Blue M® Deluxe Gravity Convection Etüvler

    The microprocessor digital and digital control instrumentation with separate LED indicator provide accurate, dependable temperature control.

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Mechanical Convection Etüvler

  • BINDER FD Serisi Mechanical Convection Etüvler (FD23, FD53, FD115, FD240 )

    A BINDER FD series heating oven is always used when fast drying and sterilization is required.

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  • BINDER FED Serisi Mechanical Convection Etüvler ( FED53, FED115, FED240, FED400, FED720 )

    Heating chamber with mechanical convection The multi-talented BINDER heating chamber of the FED series provides almost unlimited capacity and is particularly adaptable.

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  • Cole-Parmer Ekonomik Mechanical Convection Etüvleri

    Mechanical convection ovens at affordable prices, built to provide years of trouble-free operation—perfect for the budget conscious lab

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  • Thermo Scientific® Precision Mechanical Convection Etüvler

    Microprocessor controller has push-button digital temperature set with three-digit LED and a 99-hour digital timer with hold function

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  • Yamato ® Programlanabilir Mechanical Convection Etüvler

    Self-diagnostic function alerts you to sensor or heater malfunctions, include calibration functions�ideal for validation work

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Mikrodalga Etüvleri

  • Commercial-grade Mikrodalga Etüvleri

    These commercial-grade microwave ovens are easy to clean and operate. Internal chamber is made of stainless steel for durability� won�t pit, chip, scratch or corrode, even with tough everyday use.

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  • Ekonomik Mikrodalga Etüvleri

    Economical microwave ovens for general laboratories or employee break rooms

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Vakumlu Etüvler

  • BINDER VD Serisi Vakumlu Etüvler (VD23, VD53, VD115)

    Vacuum drying oven for non-flammable solvents A BINDER vacuum drying oven of the VD series is impressive while gently drying with its homogeneous temperature distribution.

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  • BINDER VDL Serisi Vakumlu Etüvler (VDL23, VDL53, VDL115)

    Safety vacuum drying oven for flammable solvents A BINDER safety vacuum drying oven of the VDL series ensures maximum safety when drying organic solvents standard with TÜV/GS.

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  • Memmert Thermoshelf-Heated Vakum Etüvleri

    These thermoshelf-heated vacuum ovens reduce heat-up time by more than 70% compared to standard radiant-wall heated vacuum ovens. Localized heating and temperature sensing ensures..

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  • Sabit Sıcaklık Vakum Etüvleri

    Ideal for carefully controlled processes such as desiccating, vacuum embedding, plating, and semiconductor processing.

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  • Sabit Yüksek Sıcaklık Vakum Etüvleri

    Simple, safe operation is the hallmark of these high-temperature vacuum ovens. Full-view window permits continuous monitoring.

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  • Yamato® Masaüstü Vakum Etüvleri

    PID-Controlled vacuum drying ovens with vacuum and purge valves located on top of oven for easy access

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