Diyaframlı Pompalar

Mekanik Diyaframlı Pompalar

  • Pulsafeeder ® Mekanik Diyaframlı Pompalar

    Heavy duty—get up to 150 psi with maximum flow rates up to 140 GPH

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Pulsafeeder Hydraulically Actuated Diyaframlı Pompalar

  • Pulsafeeder Hydraulically Actuated Diyaframlı Pompalar

    Rugged, compact design handles pressures up to 1200 psig, operate successfully as low as 3 psia suction pressure

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Solenoid / Elektronik Diyaframlı Pompalar

  • Cole-Parmer ® Kompakt Solenoid Diyaframlı Pompalar

    Ideal where space is limited, adjustable stroke frequency�vary flow rate via one-turn of the control knob

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  • Cole-Parmer Chemical Feed Solenoid Diyaframlı Pompalar, 2-kafalı

    Pumps feature two separate head assemblies obtain proportional flow rates for two different materials or twice the maximum flow rate when you are pumping just one

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  • Hazardous-Duty Solenoid Diyaframlı Pompalar

    Ideal for metering or chemical feed of hazardous materials or in hazardous locations

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