Dişli Pompalar

Düşük Akışlı Dişli Pompalar

  • Kompakt, Ekonomik Dişli Pompalar

    These small-sized gear pumps are ideal for aerospace and other industries where motor life, reliability, size and extreme environments are constraining factors.

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  • Micropump ® Mikro-Annular Dişli Pompa

    Micro Annular Gear Pumps are rotary pumps that are constructed with an externally toothed internal rotor as well as with an annular tooth external rotor..

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Endüstriyel Dişli Pompalar

  • Chemsteel ® Dişli Pompalar

    Self-priming and bidirectional capabilities offer excellent dosing, metering, and transfer of polymers and corrosive chemicals

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  • Cole Parmer Close-Coupled Endüstriyel Dişli Pompalar

    The pumps are suitable for all liquids that are compatible with bronze.

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  • Micropump® Endüstriyel Manyetik Drive Dişli Pompalar

    These cavity-style gear pumps handle your toughest fluid handling needs without taking up too much space.

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  • Pulsafeeder ® Endüstriyel Dişli Pompalar

    Bidirectional pumps let you easily change flow direction, field-replaceable wearplate prevents gears from contacting pump housing and extends pump life

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