Kinematic Viscosity

  • KOEHLER LKV3000 / LKV4000 / LKV5000 Digital Refrigerated Constant Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths

    New refrigerated constant temperature bath series with improvements in operating features, safety and cabinetry. Advanced temperature control circuitry includes microprocessor PID design and two decimal..

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  • KOEHLER HKV3000 and HKV4000 High Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths with Integrated Digital Timing

    Constant temperature bath series with advanced temperature control circuitry and integrated timing features for convenient, accurate glass capillary viscometry determinations

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Rotational Viscometer

  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE Portable Viscometer

    Small, battery-operated design for quick field tests and comparative measurements

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  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rotational 6 Plus & 7 Plus Viscometer

    Accurately determines viscosity according to ISO 2555 and numerous ASTM standards, visual and audio signals alert you to critical measuring conditions, precisely control rotation with 21 pre-set speeds

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Saybolt Viscosity

  • KOEHLER SV3000 / SV4000 Saybolt Viscosity Baths with Automatic Timing Option

    Constant temperature bath with available automatic timing feature for viscosity determinations using Saybolt viscometer tubes and orifices.

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