Vacuum Pumps

Compact / OEM Vacuum Pumps

  • Dry Rotary Vane Pump

    Pumps require little maintenance and reduce risk of contamination, ideal for use in low-pressure or high-capacity applications.

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  • Economical Oil Pumps

    The most economical rotary vane oil pump available.

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  • Miniature OEM Vacuum / Pressure Pumps

    These pumps will achieve a vacuum level of 5.9" Hg or pressure up to 6.8 psi. use for lab applications we here only a small amount of pressure or vacuum is needed—ideal for low-pressure aeration.

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Dry Vacuum/Pressure Pumps

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Vacuum Systems

    This new pump is the ultimate set and forget vacuum pump technology for applications requiring a precise vacuum level utilizing all the feature of a standard self-cleaning vacuum system plus many more.

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  • High-Capacity Vacuum/Pressure Pumps

    Free-air capacities up to 2.2 cfm (62.3 L/min) , shaded-pole fan-cooled motor has thermal overload switch to protect your pump system.

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  • Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pump

    Ideal for filtering, aspirating, degassing, and desiccating, pumps do not require water or oil to operate.

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  • Vacuum / Pressure Pump Coated with PTFE

    Wetted parts are coated with PTFE to handle your toughest applications

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Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

  • Direct-Drive, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

    Wide range of free-air capacities to match specific applications, positive pressure oil system ensures proper lubrication and prevents oil starvation at high gas loads.

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Special Vacuum Pumps

  • KNF ® Lab Explosion-Proof Pump

    Oversized, permanently lubricated bearings for long-term operation

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  • Stainless Steel Bellows Vacuum Pump / Compressor

    Ideal for use with pollution control and measuring instruments, gas analyzing equipment, and medical instrumentation.

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