Ultra Centrifuges

Large Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuge

  • HITACHI CC40 / CC40S Large-Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuges

    Created expressly to purify large-volume samples such as vaccines. Depending on the optional cores and sample feed systems selected, the CC40...

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Micro Ultracentrifuges

  • HITACHI CS150GXII / CS120GXII Ultra Centrifuges

    World's highest speed & greatest RCF Unusually compact and quiet model

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  • HITACHI CS150NX TABLETOP Micro Ultra Centrifuge - NEW!!

    The world’s fastest speed : 150,000 rpm The world’s greatest RCF : 1,050,000 x g *

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Preparative Ultracentrifuges

  • HITACHI CP-WX Series Preparative Ultra Centrifuges

    These general-purpose centrifuges have the highest performance in their class* — 100,000 rpm (CP100WX) —

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