Temperature Controlled Heating & Cooling Systems

Immersion Coolers

  • FTS Flexi-Cool Immersion Cooler

    The Flexi-Cool immersion cooler offers the largest amount of heat removal and fastest cool down available (to -100º C). A broad selection of probes is available so you can choose the best fit..

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Low Temprature Baths

  • FTS Multi-Cool Low Temprature Bath

    Mechanically refrigerated benchtop bath eliminates the need for dry ice and LN2

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Recirculating Chillers

  • FTS MaxiCool Recirculating Chiller

    Midsize recirculators for maximum cooling

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  • FTS RS Series Recirculating Chillers

    Dependable cooling for laboratory applications

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  • FTS ULT Series Recirculating Chillers

    Ultra-low temperature recirculators provide maximum heat removal to -90°C

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  • FTS Ultra-Cool Recirculating Chiller

    The widest, precision-controlled temperature range available

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Temprature Forcing Systems

  • FTS AirJet® XE Precision Temprature Cycling System

    The AirJet XE is the only benchtop temperature cycling system available that exceeds the mil-spec temperature range (actual range is -75°C to +225°C).

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  • FTS ThermoJet

    ThermoJet is the only system available that can deliver –80°C at 20 SCFM flowrates.

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Vacuum Cold Traps

  • FTS Titan Trap

    Maximum efficiency for vacuum trapping of corrosive vapors to -100°C

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  • FTS Vapor Trap

    Maximum efficiency for vacuum trapping vapors to -90°C, without LN2 or dry ice

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