PARR Custom-Made Reactor Systems

PARR Custom Systems

  • PARR Custom-Made Reactor Systems

    Parr Instrument Company is pleased to work with customers in the design and assembly of complete laboratory or pilot plant reactor systems, offering a full spectrum of reactor designs,...

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PARR Tubular Reactors

  • PARR Tubular Reactors

    Tubular reactors are the workhorse of the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industry. Although simple in design, they can be quite complex to interpret when compared to their stirred reactor..

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PARR Low Pressure Glass and Metal Reactors

PARR 5100 Series Low Pressure Reactors

  • PARR 5100 Series Low Pressure Reactors

    A system for running reactions similar to those that have been conducted for many years in the "Parr shaker", but which offer stirring for better scalability, higher operating temperatures and ..

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PARR Stirred Reactors / Pressure Vessels

PARR 4520 Series Bench Top Reactors ( 1 and 2 liter )

  • Series 4520 1 and 2 Liter Bench Top Reactors

    These are the largest of the Parr Reactors that can be handled on a bench top.

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PARR 4530 Series Floor Stand Reactors ( 1 and 2 Liter )

  • Series 4530 1 and 2 Liter Floor Stand Reactors

    Reactors Configured for Polymer Studies, Reactors Requiring Extensive Modifications, Reactors that Need to be Moved

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PARR 4540 Series High Pressure Reactors (600-1200 mL)

  • Series 4540 600-1200 mL High Pressure Reactors

    This series of stirred reactors has been designed for users who need higher operating pressures than the 2000 to 3000 psi offered by the General Purpose Reactor, but do not require ..

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PARR 4550 Series Reactors (1 and 2 Gallon)

  • PARR Series 4550 1 and 2 Gallon Reactors

    These 4550 Reactors extend the size range of the 4530 Series to 1 and 2 gallon (3.75 and 7.5 liter) sizes, providing excellent facilities for pilot plant studies.

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PARR 4555 Series Floor Stand Reactors ( 10 and 20 Liter )

  • Series 4555 10-20 L Floor Stand Reactors

    The Model 4555 and 4557 Reactors with their 5 gallon (18.75 L) capacity are the largest stirred reactors offered by Parr.

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PARR 4560 Series Mini Benchtop Reactors

  • PARR Series 4560 Mini Bench Top Reactors

    These are the most popular of all Parr Stirred Reactors. Although they are called “Mini” reactors, they offer a range of sizes large enough to work with significant sample sizes, yet..

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PARR 4570-4580 Series HP / HT Reactors

  • PARR Series 4570-4580 HT/HP Reactors

    Parr offers a number of different reactors in the 4570 and 4580 Series in different sizes and with different mountings for operating pressures to 5000 psi (345 bar) and temperatures to 500 °C.

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PARR 4590 Series Micro Reactors

  • PARR 4590 Series Micro Reactors

    These are the smallest of all Parr Stirred Reactors. They will be a good choice for chemists working with very expensive materials or materials only available in small amounts.

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PARR 5000 Series Multiple Reactor System

  • PARR 5000 Series Multiple Reactor System

    The Parr Series 5000 Multiple Reactor System has been designed to provide an integrated system for running multiple reactions simultaneously and applying the principles of high throughput..

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PARR 5500 Series High Pressure Compact Lab Reactors

  • PARR 5500 Series High Pressure Compact Lab Reactors

    All of the safety, convenience and reliability features which have been the hallmark of Parr pressure reaction equipment for more than 50 years have been incorporated into a new line of high...

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PARR Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

  • PARR Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

    Parr offers a broad selection of non-stirred pressure vessels in convenient styles, sizes and pressure ranges for many laboratory uses.

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